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portable-powerI never wanted to become so involved with technology, but it seems that this was inevitable. For simple daily living I must check my email, text, and, sometimes, access the internet or research.

It’s a reality of our times.  Tech can make our lives easier, and it can make it more complicated.  How you use tech in your life is your call.  If you choose to use it, this information may be of help to you.

One of the primary ways I use tech for preparedness is to have my “Survival Bible” – the compilation of all of my personal preparedness texts and emergency records – on an older tablet.  This resides in our Bug Out Bag, along with a re-charging device.

On a regular basis, the absolute worst is a dead cell phone battery. I do quite a bit of traveling. This is mostly for business, but a certain amount is for pleasure. In either case, one of the biggest issues I run into is reliable and consistent power to charge my smartphone, as well as my tablet and digital camera.

I decided to perform a little research of my own to determine which portable power devices were best suited to my needs.

NOTE:  This is NOT a sponsored article.

Cobra CPP 300

The Cobra CPP 300 may be the most elite solar battery charger due to the fact that it gives you a greater amount of power, a faster charging time, and a superior designed chassis. It has dual folding panels which may be angled toward the sun. It can be used for charging in bright sunlight, in the late day, or under partially cloudy weather conditions.

It also features built in cords for output and input as well as an ability to charge two devices simultaneously. One of its best aspects is the ability to charge a device such as a tablet, which is high draw, at full speed. This high end charging device is great for longer trips.

The Cobra CPP 300, like any product, does have a couple disadvantages. It is not water proof, however, outlet covers are included which provides a certain amount of moisture protection. It also does not have a shock resistant certification, though it does feature a rubber coating and is extremely durable. The cost of this device is around $50.

Jackery Giant

The Jackery Giant is one of the least expensive charging devices at a 10,400mAh capacity. Though it must first be charged for an entire night, or approximately 10 hours, this device holds its charge extremely well making it great to have along on adventures in the outdoors.

It features a powerful, yet small LED flashlight making it a great companion for camping trips. The Jackery Giant is powerful enough to charge an iPad 4 and a S4 simultaneously and still charge an iPhone afterwards. This device is capable of holding its charge for up to six whole months and it has been designed with several protective layers for durability.

There are a few drawbacks to the Jackery Giant. It is slightly on the bulkier side as well as somewhat heavier than other similar devices. It is only currently available in two colors.

Recharging two devices simultaneously slows the charging process down quite a bit. Pass through charging may not be used with the Jakery Giant. This device costs about $45.

IOGEAR GearPower Ultra Capacity Mobile Power Station

This device is a mobile power station. It features two USB ports at 2.1A and 1A which allow multiple device charging. It is an excellent charging companion for long distance plane and/or car trips. The Power Station is completely capable of fully charging an iPhone that has been depleted down to 10% five times within a 48 hour time span and still have power remaining.

The cost of the IOGEAR Power Station is around $80 which may seem like its biggest drawback; however, it is worth the expense for those who need power on extended business trips. It is also slightly heavy at 10.4 ounces and not extremely pocket friendly. It will fit fine in a tech business brief case.

Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo

The Mophie Juice Pack Powerstation Duo is nicely portable with an unmatched 6000mAh charging capability. It features two 2.1A USB ports which allow for very fast dual charging of iPhones and iPads as well as smartphones and tablets.

It has been designed with an extremely durable metal exterior for ultimate protection. It is suitable for both short distance business trips as well as extended trips abroad. The Mophie Juice Pac Powertation Duo is on the more expensive side available for about $100. It has plenty of great features definitely making it worth consideration. This device is slightly bulky for pockets, however, it rides well in a brief case.

All of these options are viable and sustainable choices for back up battery needs on the go. To make sure you have your electronic when you need them, any of these may be good solutions depending on your personal preference.

Chief Instructor here – I just wanted to chime in with a product I’ve been using for the past two years, and have gotten great results.  The Solio Classic2 charger.

You can charge the battery device via a USB port, or via these three solar panels that flip out of the compact device.  You stick a pencil in the center of the three panels to allow you to aim it directly at the sun, regardless of your latitude. 

It’s a bit on the expensive side, right around $100.  They say it will hold a charge for a full year.  I’ve never gone that long without using it to recharge something, but I have gone 4 months, and it has worked like a champ every time.

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