Transporting Fire

transporting-fireFire is one of the key elements of a survival situation. Once we have a fire lit, we must never let it go out; however sometimes our situation changes and we have to move to a new location for whatever reason. Let’s consider our options for taking our fire with us so we do not have to go through the entire lighting process again.

With all of these techniques, the idea is to transport a smouldering ember, not a flaming torch!  Once we reach our new destination, air/oxygen are blown into the smouldering ember, and a new fire is started.

The Long Match

This is a great and relatively simple method of transporting our fire. It consists of an outer shell that holds dry fuel which smoulders. To make the outer shell you will need something that can be rolled up into a tube, bark from a tree is perfect and should be quite close to hand.  Use a section of bark that is about a foot long.

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We need to fill it with dry materials that will smoulder. Things like dry leaves, grass etc. These materials should be placed on the inside of the outer shell and then rolled up tightly to hold them together.

Once the match is rolled we need to ensure it is tied with some form of cordage to stop it from unrolling on our way to the next location. If you want to make the match extra secure you can use another small piece of bark and fold it into the bottom of the match to help prevent any of the dry materials falling out.

A very similar technique is the Apache Fire Match, where sticks are used as the outer shell in place of the bark.

Push the fuel down into the match and then place our ember/coal into the fuel. Make sure the fuel catches and then place a thin layer of the dry fuel over the top of the coal. We now have our fire transporting long match.

A Fire Can

This method of transporting our fire uses an empty tin can that we have from our bug out bag supplies. Tightly pack our dry materials into the can until it is about three quarters full. We can then place our ember into the fuel, making sure it catches, and then tightly packing the can the rest of the way with our dry fuel.

The fire can will keep our ember going for hours. Once we have reached our new destination simply empty the can into our new fire structure, gently blow on the ember and our fire is back.


You may or may not have access to the correct type of fungi for this but if you are in an area where it forms then it makes transporting fire pretty simple. The fungi we seek is known as Tinder Fungus. It is dark brown or black on the outside, and reddish- brown on the inside.

These fungi just need to be exposed to a hot coal from our fire and then wrapped in moss once the ember has taken hold. We can then restart our fire very easily at our new destination.

These are just a few fire transporting methods that work. Fire is a great morale booster in a survival situation so once we have it lit, knowing that we can take it with us wherever we go is a massive burden lifted off us.

Make sure you practice these technique regularly!


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