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Using Stun Guns and Tasers

Recently, I have been doing a fair bit of research into personal protection/safety options when guns are not a legal form of self-defense. As I mentioned in my article about pepper spray – nothing is as important as being aware of your environment and avoiding trouble and dangerous situations as much as possible. However sometimes, […]

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Defend Against Road Rage

In virtually all of my classes geared towards personal safety, we start off with a question:  What is the best way to survive a disaster?  The answer?  Don’t be there! It might seem like a trite answer, but it is much deeper than you might think.  The underlying philosophy is to have high situational awareness […]

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Pepper Spray Selection and Use

In a world that has many dangers; personal safety can be a big concern for people. In some parts of the world it is not legal to carry self-defence weapons such as guns, knives etc. This can leave people vulnerable to an attack. Before we go any further with this – I want to stress […]

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Emergency CPR

Here’s the scenario: You are at your local grocery store. You have gotten everything that you need and are standing in the line to the checker. You notice that the line is unusually long and that you are probably going to be here for a while. The next think you know, you hear a “thud” […]

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Ladies: Buy Your Own Guns

It’s happened again. I had another lady take my NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation class wanting to learn how to shoot a gun her husband had purchased.  These guns will be used for personal protection, and left in the house.  They’ll be “nightstand guns” to be used when the husband is not home. To date, […]

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7 Shooting Incident Mistakes

I’m a big adherent to the right to keep and bear arms.  I live that belief every day, without exception.  I believe that armed citizens are the best deterrent to armed bad guys.  It’s simple math:  There are more of us than there are of them. But for us good guys, gun ownership and usage […]

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One-Handed Shooting

One of the most important, yet most commonly over-looked shooting skills is shooting with one hand.  Many people will give it a brief try while at the shooting range.  They’ll generally stop their practice shortly thereafter once they see how their accuracy is MUCH less than when using two hands. THAT’S the idea of practice!  […]

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Spotting Concealed Weapons

We had an incident in my bullion store yesterday that I thought I’d share. Because of the nature of our business, we have a number of, “risk mitigation” policies.  Identifying individuals with concealed weapons is one of them.  We discuss these policies at length with our employees – what they are and why we do […]

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Routines For Personal Safety

Developing various routines for common tasks is commonplace for most people.  For instance, you may start a pot of coffee each morning. Every morning, you follow the exact same process:  You go to the same cupboard, take out the beans, grind them, pour them into a filter, put the filter into the coffee machine, add […]

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Shelter In Place Plan

We all understand the importance of having a bug out bag and plan ready to go should we need to evacuate our home at a moment’s notice. But do we all understand the importance of having a Shelter-In-Place (SIP) plan? Consider that all highways carry trucks transporting deadly chemicals.  So does the railway system.  Is […]

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4 Fundamentals Of An Accurate Shot

When I’m teaching my introductory pistol class, I tell my students to think of shooting a gun as an integrated system.  All parts need to be in sync to work well. As an example, to ride a bike, you must have inflated tires, a good chain, handlebars to steer, and pedals to push.  If any […]

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Emergency Defensive Weapon Fixes

In all of our personal safety classes, we spend a great deal of time discussing and demonstrating the working parts of each defensive tool.   This is an important aspect of self-defense training, as virtually every defensive tool is subject to failure.  Stuff can break! If you don’t understand how it works, you have no chance […]

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Distance and Movement Equals Life

There is a saying in the preparedness world:  The best place to be during an emergency is somewhere else. The idea being, be alert to bad situations and act accordingly.  If you see a situation deteriorating (such as the recent events in Furguson) or become aware of pending events (hurricane warnings, politically-charged court verdicts, etc.), […]

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Safety Awareness: Caught Off Guard

There are few things more frightening that the prospects of either being surprised by an attacker OR surprising a criminal in the act of committing a crime. Awareness and good planning can make such an encounter much less potentially dangerous. I’ve stressed in all of our personal safety classes that Safety Awareness is the key.  […]

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