Battle Back: Fighting Dementia

battle-back-fighting-dementiaWe all have our own fears about growing older.  We Baby Boomers are an independent lot, and we want to stay that way.

For some of us, it’s the idea of being immobile.  Not being able to do all of the physical activities we’re used to doing.  It may be walking and hiking, gardening, skydiving or swimming in the ocean.

For us, these are important activities.

We know that to extend the amount of time we can do these activities requires work on our part.  We stay in shape by exercising – hopefully on a regular basis – and we stay in touch with new trends in our areas of interest.  We eat foods that will benefit our overall physical health, and maybe some specialty foods that help us in a specific activity.

For others, the fear may be the loss of ability to reason and think.  The dreaded dementia.  The core of our being is our brains, after all.  We are what we think!

Still, many of us don’t “exercise” our brains.  We will fall into a trap of repetitiveness.  We read, view and listen to the same kinds of “input” all of the time.

And the thought of food and exercise for the brain?!  Preposterous!

Well, don’t go jumping to any conclusions.

It seems as though exercising and feeding our brains to fight dementia can be as important to our mental health and stability, as it is to the physical side of our health.

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