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6 Urban Water Sources During SHTF

The list of scenarios is a long one:  Extended power outages, martial law, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, to name a few.  Your municipal water supply could be cut off. If you live in an urban environment, you are probably only a few minutes away from a store that has an almost limitless supply of fresh […]

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How To Get Rid of 6 Deadly Household Bugs

Sanitation is one of those things folks just don’t want to think about.  We flush the toilet, hit the garbage disposal button, or take the trash to the curb for pick-up and the problem disappears. What would you do if these utilities were suddenly unavailable?  It could be anything from a work strike by utility […]

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Septic System Maintenance

If you are living out in the country, you probably have a septic system, rather than being connected to a city sewage system. If so, good for you. I was thrilled to find that my home had a septic system, rather than city sewer service. Where I live, the city sewage systems tend to back […]

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Water: After A Power Outage

A question:  What is the first thing you do when you have a power outage?  Our plan, like most, is to find some sort of light source – be it a flashlight or candle.  We then grab one of our dynamo-powered radios to try and figure out what is happening. I’m guessing the next item […]

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Sanitation With A Twist

My wife and I have been looking for some rural property, and most of them are on private wells and septic.  Having been a “city boy” my whole life, I’m trying to get a grip on life without all of the normal city amenities, and the “rules” you’ve got to follow. No fat in the septic, […]

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