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food skills dump

Food and Drink Skills Dump

We push independence around here, along with experience and resourcefulness. Many folks take a lot of what’s around us for granted.  We run down to the store or some sort of specialist (doctor, mechanic, plumber, etc) to get done what needs doing.  That’s not really living and promoting those core principles. I HOPE that as […]

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wood in your food

You’re A Termite In Their Eyes

One of the key tenants of preparedness-minded individuals is independence.  Without it, you’re obviously dependent upon someone or something for a given task or item.  Food is one of those key items for which we want to be independent. For me, producing as much of what I eat is more about knowing what’s inside it.  […]

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home canned burger

Canning Burger At Home

Part of being prepared – and independent – is assuming a number of different negative events will happen, and being prepared for each of them.  One of the great ways to prepare for an extended power outage is to home can food.  Whatever gets canned gets fully cooked and can be consumed without further preparation. […]

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old butter churn

Two Techniques For Making Butter

I’m planning on making a dent in the California wild pig population in a couple of months.  I’ve got a buddy that reloads his ammo.  He got tired of hearing me bitch and moan about how I was having a difficult time securing enough .308 for one of my rifles, and offered to teach me […]

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Home Canned French Onion Soup

I LOVES me some French onion soup. One of my all-time favorites. That deep, rich onion soup topped with a big crouton, all covered with a tangy cheese. Nothing better! I recently found myself with a bunch of onions ready to go bad, and some very pricey meat that had gotten freezer burned. I decided […]

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Dehydrating Beans

Beans are obviously one of the main staples people store in their preps. They are very nutritious and very inexpensive, and they store forever. Their main drawback  is the amount of time and resources they take to prepare. While this isn’t generally an issue if you have access to water from the tap, and gas or […]

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