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In The Mood For Tamales

For some reason, I got a serious craving for tamales – those magical folded packets of steamed meat and dough that are wrapped up in dried corn husks. I’ve eaten a lot of tamales in my time. They’re like an addictive drug for me – I can’t just take one hit. I consume them to […]

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DIY Bean Sprouts

Beans are considered a healthy eating option to most people. What some people do not realize is that by growing your own bean sprouts, you increase the health benefits even further. Seeds (in this case beans) go through some quite dramatic changes when they start to sprout. These changes cause some great nutritional properties to […]

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Revolting Survival Foods

The survival rule of three’s says that humans can survive 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food. In a survival situation, once you have sufficient shelter and a suitable water supply you can start to think about your food options. Mother Nature provides us with a wide variety of […]

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3 Old-School Survival Foods

There’s a misconception out there that survival foods can’t possibly taste good. You’re supposed to be “roughing it” after all. However, pemmican, beef jerky, and fruit leather are all three options that have both stood the test of time and proven this assumption otherwise. These are the old-school survival foods with a modern twist:  We’ll […]

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Pruning Fruit Trees and Grape Vines

When we moved into our new house, I was thrilled. For the first time, we had enough land to do something with. Now, I realize my few acres may not seem much like a homestead to some, but when all you’ve had is postage sized yards, having one with about an acre of arable land […]

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Making Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most useful and flavorful of all the vinegar varieties. While it is readily available at the grocery store, you can make much better apple cider vinegar right there at home, adjusting the flavor to your personal likes and needs. If you have apple trees on your homestead, making […]

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Hand-Milking A Cow Or Goat

Adding a milk cow or goat to a homestead is a great way of increasing self-sufficiency. Before we purchased our rural property, the city where we lived wouldn’t allow me to have one. This is something you need to consider before buying a goat, in particular, for a suburban property.  You can pretty much forget […]

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Raised Garden Beds

As the traditional growing season comes to a close, many are starting their “wintering” plans for their garden beds.  This might be a good time to consider a significant re-design of your garden by using raised garden beds next season. As the name suggests, raised bed gardening is a special type of gardening methodology which […]

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Homesteading Rabbits

When we first considered becoming more self-sufficient, we realized we would need a source of meat. Without much acreage, we decided something smaller would be best – rabbits fit the bill perfectly. If you’ve never raised rabbits, there’s a surprising amount of information out there and it can be somewhat confusing. To help you get […]

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Vermiculture: Worm Farming

Vermiculture is worm farming – you could even call it worm growing. This process of farming worms has many benefits. In addition to reducing the amount of waste your household throws away, it is also very beneficial for your garden. Here is what you need to know to get started: What is Vermiculture? Vermiculture is […]

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Eating Weeds

“A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered,” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. To that, I’d like to add “or whose virtues we’ve forgotten”. When my wife and I first started homesteading, we went to a lot of trouble to keep “weeds” out and only grow vegetables and fruits. Little did […]

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Homestead Fowl Primer

When we first started considering homesteading, I had visions of raising a flock of chickens, enjoying fresh eggs daily and fresh meat on a regular basis. Little did I know that the hybrid breed of chicken I bought wasn’t really suited to homesteading – they’d been designed for life in a modern chicken house, with […]

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Composting 101

We’d heard a lot about composting before we tried it. We kept putting it off – it sounded smelly; it sounded time consuming; we could do just as well with commercial fertilizer. All of those assumptions were wrong, of course. Composting isn’t difficult, and when done right, it doesn’t create a smelly mess. And if […]

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