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More Money: Starting A Business

You may be looking at your personal balance sheet and cash flow statement, and realize you’re running pretty tight with the money.  Really tight.  You might be thinking it is time to look for supplemental income sources by starting a business. Decades ago, when I was just getting my career in banking started, I saw […]

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Buying Odd and Old Gold

You can many times get a break on premiums paid if you purchase uncommon types of gold. So that you can compare “apples to apples,” when buying this stuff, you want to ask for (or better yet, determine for yourself before going shopping) the AGW – the Actual Gold Weight. This tells you how much […]

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Securing Your Self-Defense Weapons

One of the most difficult issues we address in our various Personal Safety workshops is how to correctly store your self-defense weapons.  Regardless of the device, the ultimate objective is to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to your devices.  Whether the course is on stun guns, pepper spray, Tasers or handguns, the […]

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Guns: Is That Premeditated?

Anyone who owns a gun for self-defense has thought about the repercussions of having to use the gun to protect their life, or the life of another.  I can think of few things that would be more of a emotional jolt than taking the life of another human being. One of the things that would […]

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12 DIY Home Invasion Preps

I don’t know if home invasion robberies have become more common or if they’re just getting more press.  Irrelevant, IMO, because one thing we know is, they DO happen with some regularity. I did a Google news search on, “home invasion” and got 93,400 results.  That was just news articles.  You get a couple million […]

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Grow Potatoes In Buckets

I love potatoes.  They are the Starch Of The Gods in my eyes! In an effort to continue on my journey towards self-sufficiency, I’m going to try growing my own this year.  In addition to the personal independence aspect, I’m very concerned about the pesticides and other crap the commercial growers put on their crops.  […]

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Active Shooters: Bring It To The Bad Guys

I’ve been working on another project that involves educating folks about various dangerous scenarios.  I currently have seven of them – things like date rape, home invasions and stalkers.  I’ve been working on adding an eighth scenario for this project:  Active Shooters. A remorseless, instant gratification mass murderer.  This is important to remember. A part […]

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Negotiate EVERY Purchase

Negotiating. Most Americans hate it. As the owner of a retail precious metals (PM) store, I can tell you that 9 times out of 10, if I quote a price for either buying or selling PMs, that’s the price that’s paid.  Ask someone to negotiate, and they get all clammy. But, that one person in […]

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Top 6 Pistol Shooter Errors

In my years as a pistol instructor, patterns have emerged.  These following six items are the most common pistol shooter errors I see – in new and experienced shooters. In my classes, I stress these 6 items, so when my students get into the range, they have a greater probability of success – and with […]

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Top 10 Precious Metals NOT To Buy

Previously, we gave you our opinion on which types of bullion (non-collectible) precious metals to buy.  They were the ones that were either very liquid (most easily converted into cash when cash is needed) or they have the lowest margin spread (the difference between the buy and sell price at a given spot market price). […]

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Top 10 Precious Metals To Buy

Buying precious metals – in this case gold and silver – can be intimidating.  They’re expensive and certainly possess a level of risk. But so do every single kind of financial instrument on the planet, whether you’re talking about stocks, bonds, cash, real estate or agricultural commodities.  You limit your risk with any type of […]

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Shooting Drills – Keeping It Fresh

I hate jogging. It is unlikely that there is a sport or activity that I dislike more.  I know it’s good for you, it builds your endurance and you can get that “natural high” from the rush of endorphins your body will produce. I still hate it. You’re on a track or out on a […]

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