How To Get Rid of 6 Deadly Household Bugs

get-rid-of-bugsSanitation is one of those things folks just don’t want to think about.  We flush the toilet, hit the garbage disposal button, or take the trash to the curb for pick-up and the problem disappears.

What would you do if these utilities were suddenly unavailable?  It could be anything from a work strike by utility workers, to a major failure of the sanitation infrastructure, to a purposeful attack on key utility systems.

Even households with “normal” cleanliness can get an infestation of one creepy-crawler household bug or another.  In my younger years, I lived in an apartment complex where we suddenly were over-run by cockroaches.  As it turns out, our next door neighbors – with whom we shared a wall – rarely cleaned up their kitchen after meals.  The cockroach infestation was so bad that the landlords had to tent and “bomb” the entire complex to get rid of the problem.

What is insidious about crawling and flying household bugs is that they can carry a disease and transport it – sometimes for great distances.  Proper “defenses” that make your home unattractive to these bug is a key to keeping healthy.

This simple and straight-forward Infographic give you information on 6 very common household bugs, what diseases they can carry, and how to get rid of them if you’re infested.


dangerous household bugs

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