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7 Emergency Household Weapons

Protecting yourself will likely play a fairly substantial part in your survival during and after a major SHTF situation. From looters attacking anyone in their way after earthquakes or floods, to home invasions with strangers taking you hostage. We all need to be able to defend ourselves. And then there’s the “normal” civil unrest we […]

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Vehicle Gun Storage

One of my greatest concerns is the security of my guns in whatever vehicle I’m in.  Or out of. Actually, I’d have to say I’m more concerned about the guns when I’m out of the vehicle, since I can’t personally protect them.  While being the victim of a theft or robbery is horrible, the thought […]

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Securing Your Self-Defense Weapons

One of the most difficult issues we address in our various Personal Safety workshops is how to correctly store your self-defense weapons.  Regardless of the device, the ultimate objective is to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to your devices.  Whether the course is on stun guns, pepper spray, Tasers or handguns, the […]

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Guns: Is That Premeditated?

Anyone who owns a gun for self-defense has thought about the repercussions of having to use the gun to protect their life, or the life of another.  I can think of few things that would be more of a emotional jolt than taking the life of another human being. One of the things that would […]

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DIY Emergency Lighting

We’re in the middle of tornado season right now – from April to July – depending upon where you live in the country.  It will overlap with the hurricane season, which runs from June through November – peaking in August and September. Every winter, some areas of the country are subject to crippling ice storms […]

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12 DIY Home Invasion Preps

I don’t know if home invasion robberies have become more common or if they’re just getting more press.  Irrelevant, IMO, because one thing we know is, they DO happen with some regularity. I did a Google news search on, “home invasion” and got 93,400 results.  That was just news articles.  You get a couple million […]

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7 Bug Out Vehicle Options

For whatever reason, your “personal tripwire” has been tripped, and you need to leave your current location. It may be something sudden, such as a house fire or wild fire, or it may be something more intense, such as an economic calamity or social unrest. Regardless, you feel the need to evacuate or bug-out. If […]

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Don’t Be A Target Of Opportunity

Violent situations can present themselves virtually anywhere in our lives. They can happen at your home.  At work.  While you’re in the mall.  Or while you’re walking down the street after a dinner in a restaurant. Certain situations present easier targets to assailants.  Criminals look for a “target of opportunity” – they want you in […]

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Get Out Of Your Safety Comfort Zone

Back in the early 1970’s, I spent some time on my uncle’s land up in Redding, California.  One of the most memorable things I did was to learn how to drive a car with a clutch. He gave me a 5-minute explanation and demonstration, then tossed me the keys to an old, beat up VW […]

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Survival Groups: Disadvantages

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series on forming or joining Survival Groups in the event of, or in anticipation of an emergency event. You can find the first part here. In a survival situation there are many decisions that need to be made. Probably one of the most important decisions is […]

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Survival Groups: Advantages

Editor’s Note: Being prepared is about considering – and planning for – different scenarios. All may not come to fruition, some may. It’s a bit of a crap shoot. In this two-part series, Rob looks at the two options available should a major event occur. Scenarios we witness even to this day: A collapse of […]

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