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7 Bug Out Vehicle Options

For whatever reason, your “personal tripwire” has been tripped, and you need to leave your current location. It may be something sudden, such as a house fire or wild fire, or it may be something more intense, such as an economic calamity or social unrest. Regardless, you feel the need to evacuate or bug-out. If […]

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Choosing A Bag To Build Your BOB

Editor’s Note:  Those of you from the SF Bay Area may remember the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991.  It hit fast and hard.  Many people – if not most- got out with little more than the clothes they were wearing.  The same thing happens every year with hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Then there are intentional, […]

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Winter Foot Care

Now that winter’s almost here, it’s time to find that heavy footwear of yours, whether it’s boots, heavy-duty shoes, thick socks, etc. Unfortunately, these added measures can wreak havoc on your feet.  Without proper foot care, you may be severely limiting your mobility and independence. If you’re a prepper, though, you should know how to […]

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Ziplock Every Day Carry Kit

Having emergency supplies is a fundamental component of being a prepper. We have no way of knowing where we’ll be when a disaster or emergency strikes.  For instance, the 1989 earthquake in the SF Bay Area hit with no warning at all at the height of the rush hour. Mudslides.  Avalanches.  Earthquakes.  Levy breaks.  Tsunamis.  […]

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Forced Travel On Foot

The scenario:  Some sort of emergency situation develops – perhaps a levy breaks, or a train derails, dumping some toxic substance.  Regardless, you’ve got to bug out.  You jump into your bug out vehicle, and are heading to a safe location such as the home of a friend or your bug out location.  It’s 30 […]

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Bug Out Bag Basics

We hear all of the time about having a readily available, pre-packed and pre-positioned bag to be used in the event of an evacuation.  The common term is Bug Out Bag (BOB).  Generally speaking, we’re talking about having enough “stuff” to sustain a person for at least 72 hours. As the saying goes, Stuff Happens.  […]

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Truck & camper

On The Road Again

Many Boomers look to travel as one of the perks of life. Some enjoy international travel – seeing far-off lands and other cultures. Others are more “home bodies”.  They want to see the USA – up close and personal.  Take their time, drink in the scenery and local folks, and enjoy this country. If you […]

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