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Flinching? Embrace The Recoil

Many years ago – before I became an instructor – I took my wife to the range with me to get her familiar with a new gun I had recently purchased – a Smith and Weston .357 Magnum. The model I purchased had a fairly short barrel – 2 1/2 inches long. I preceded to […]

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Distance and Movement Equals Life

There is a saying in the preparedness world:  The best place to be during an emergency is somewhere else. The idea being, be alert to bad situations and act accordingly.  If you see a situation deteriorating (such as the recent events in Furguson) or become aware of pending events (hurricane warnings, politically-charged court verdicts, etc.), […]

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Guns and Minors

Guns and minors.  Quite the touchy subject. A couple of months ago, I was teaching my FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation class, and one of the employees of the range came up to me with a question. He said that there was a person in the lobby that wanted to know if I taught minors about […]

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Shooting From Your Weak Side

The vast majority of people who go to the practice range do one thing: They stand in front of their target with their favorite two-hand stance and blast away. Clearly, this has a place in any practice routine, but the likelihood of that stance being the optimum presentation of your firearm during an emergency is […]

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Prepping Now For After The Shooting

There is a ton of information – lots of it right here on BoomerPreps.com – on how to prepare yourself for using a gun for self-defense. Tactics, weapons, training. But there is very little information on what you should do after you’ve been placed in the situation of having to shoot someone in defense of […]

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Traveling With Guns

I find myself traveling with guns quite a bit.  Mostly locally to my businesses and to my gun classes for the most part. California is a “may issue” state.  Depending upon the county, the chief of police or sheriff can set his or her own rules as to who is worthy of possessing legal self-defense. […]

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10 gun grabber lies

10 Things Gun Grabbers Lie To You About

A while back, I read an article in MarketWatch.com titled, “10 things the gun industry won’t tell you” (MarketWatch?  The financial website?). I want to address their lies, so I’m going to go point-by-point down their list, and tear them a new one. For us Baby Boomers, in particular, this is a critical issue.  There […]

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practice like its real

Practice Like It’s Real

I had a new Advanced Pistol student a while back. This was a gentleman who was a part-time security guard who I crossed paths with at the shooting range. His objective was to increase his accuracy and rapid target acquistition. Before the first session with any of my Advanced students, I spend 15 or 20 […]

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proper technique saves lives

Proper Technique Will Save Your Life

In one of my recent beginner pistol classes, I had a student ask about why technique is so important.  He was saying how he’d been shooting before and did just fine.  He knocked all the beer cans off the log, and had a great time. I told him that if his reason for taking my […]

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gun in holster

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

Open carry versus Concealed carry is one of the most divisive and controversial issues regarding firearms. Open carry, in particular, seems to evoke the most strident responses.  There is very little gray area in most people’s opinion on the subject:  Most are either fully for it, for fully against it. According to OpenCarry.org,  44 states […]

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Woman in hallway with bruise on her cheek with menacing man

The Right Self-Defense Tool For You

Every person is different.  Some of us are strong.  Some of us… not so much.  Some have “hawk-eye vision”  while some of us suffer from various eye and sight ailments.  As we Boomers age, our dexterity, strength and agility can begin to wane.  Our physical “assets” must be taken into account when selecting a self-defense […]

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Use Of Deadly Force Exceptions

Every gun owner I know or have had contact with understands that deadly force is only used when your life, or the life of another, is in mortal danger. The gun grabbers would have the general population believe that we gun owners have, “itchy trigger fingers” just looking to pop a cap in the ass […]

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first gun

Buying Your First Handgun

I had an introductory gun class a while back, and one of the couples attending had borrowed guns from a LEO buddy. The husband was using a Glock 22 (full-sized .40 cal) and the wife was using a Glock 27 (sub-compact .40 cal). He’d been to the range one time in the past, and this […]

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Defensive Weapons Training

Personal protections skills, like almost all skills, are perishable. If you don’t keep them sharp, they degrade quickly – “Use ’em or lose ’em” as the saying goes! Whenever possible, you want to train as realistically as the situations in which you may find yourself. Let’s look at some of the different defensive tools, and […]

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