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food skills dump

Food and Drink Skills Dump

We push independence around here, along with experience and resourcefulness. Many folks take a lot of what’s around us for granted.  We run down to the store or some sort of specialist (doctor, mechanic, plumber, etc) to get done what needs doing.  That’s not really living and promoting those core principles. I HOPE that as […]

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first aid protocols

First Aid Protocols

Whatcha gonna do? A child playing on a swing set is suddenly on the ground, and not moving. A fellow Baby Boomer walking in the park suddenly drops to the ground in front of you. While driving down a back road, you come upon an automobile accident and you see the driver – not moving […]

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medication shortages

Medication Shortages

It is pretty amazing how dependent we’ve become on EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.  More disturbing, is how dependent we’ve become on prescription medications.  Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, we’ve been trained to take a pill, and the problem magically goes away. We Baby Boomers, as we age, become more and more […]

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"Do not drink the water" sign

Potable Water: In The Wild

The city sewage treatment plant goes off line due to a terrorist attack. A natural disaster – such as Katrina – devastates and floods large geographic areas, making all water unsafe to consume. An earthquake strikes or wildfire races through your area, knocking out power for your entire region. A train derails and dumps thousands […]

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Young man reanimation on a road. Concept first aid

First Aid and Personal Safety

We tend to focus on personal safety as simply recognizing, acting upon and reacting to threatening situations. And those ARE the primary forces involved. But we have to recognize that the “big picture” is about saving lives and reducing the damage when emergencies occur. Learning first aid and other forms of emergency assistance are well […]

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