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Buying Odd and Old Gold

You can many times get a break on premiums paid if you purchase uncommon types of gold. So that you can compare “apples to apples,” when buying this stuff, you want to ask for (or better yet, determine for yourself before going shopping) the AGW – the Actual Gold Weight. This tells you how much […]

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Top 10 Precious Metals NOT To Buy

Previously, we gave you our opinion on which types of bullion (non-collectible) precious metals to buy.  They were the ones that were either very liquid (most easily converted into cash when cash is needed) or they have the lowest margin spread (the difference between the buy and sell price at a given spot market price). […]

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Top 10 Precious Metals To Buy

Buying precious metals – in this case gold and silver – can be intimidating.  They’re expensive and certainly possess a level of risk. But so do every single kind of financial instrument on the planet, whether you’re talking about stocks, bonds, cash, real estate or agricultural commodities.  You limit your risk with any type of […]

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Protecting Against Asset Seizures

There’s an uproar in the media about asset seizures and the seemingly, “We don’t care,” attitude by various government agencies. I started in banking back in 1977 while attending college.  I eventually moved up the ladder and was put in charge of a department that received all of the subpoena requests from the various local, […]

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Precious Metals Scams

Editor Note:  One of the reasons I don’t disclose the name and address of my precious metal business on this site is that it’s a totally separate business, and I don’t want to appear to be steering you to my shop, ala, “My store is better, come and buy from me.”  BoomerPreps, however, does sell, […]

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Getting Your Money To Work For You

To earn money with money, you must place that money at risk. When I talk about earning money, I am talking about increasing your purchasing power. This is an important concept to understand. For instance, a bank earns money by lending.  They determine the likelihood of getting paid back by a borrower, and assigning a […]

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Hidden Cache Locations

About a month ago, we provided instruction on Building A Cache (pronounced cash, not cash-ay).  This time around, we’re going to discuss where to place that cache.  I’ve got two general categories:  Locations for cash and precious metals, and locations for survival gear items. For survival gear, I’m talking about food, equipment, firearms, ammo, reference […]

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A Game of Financial Jenga

An interesting development in international banking is in the works.  This isn’t going to immediately tip over the US economy and financial system.  But it’s definitely another Jenga block being removed from our financial foundation. First, some background:  The BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have been getting together for the past few years with […]

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Treasure chest

Be Careful Buying “Treasure Assets”

I saw an interesting article on how many wealthy folks are looking to diversify their portfolios by investing in, “treasure assets”. These are works of art, antiques, rare cars and other collectibles. More and more, they’re buying numismatic (collectible) coins. “In the environment that exists right now, where the Dow is very high … most […]

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