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Spark Catchers: 4 Commercial Tinder Options

We all understand the importance of fire in a survival situation.  Apart from the warmth they provide, you have the ability to cook your food, sanitize your water, and dry wet clothing. Perhaps equally important is the mental health aspect a fire provides.  Few skills are more important than the ability to build a fire […]

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DIY Portable Stoves

You folks all have portable stoves in your Bug Out/Get Home Bags, right?  If not, be ready to be stunned. The high tech stoves used by backpackers, hikers and adventurers can cost you a pretty penny.  In addition to the high price, you generally must have special fuel and their accompanying cylinders. Maybe you’ve done […]

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Winter Project: DIY Tinder

I am sure we all understand the importance of fire in a survival situation. With winter now upon us, being able to quickly and consistently make a fire in an emergency situation can be a life-saving skill.  One of the keys to starting a fire is having sufficient amounts of tinder.  Without tinder, your chances […]

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Transporting Fire

Fire is one of the key elements of a survival situation. Once we have a fire lit, we must never let it go out; however sometimes our situation changes and we have to move to a new location for whatever reason. Let’s consider our options for taking our fire with us so we do not […]

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15 Alternate Uses For Everyday Items

Part of being a prepper means you have the ability to see alternate uses for everyday objects, many that you already have at home.  It’s the whole, “When given lemons, make lemonade” philosophy.  You want to be flexible and imaginative. As is noted at the top of the page under our logo, we are Independent, […]

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The Dakota Fire Pit

A Dakota Fire Pit is a technique created by the Dakota Indians. It is a very effective method of building and maintaining a fire. It is relatively simple to construct and is super-efficient when it comes to burning fuel. The fire will burn hotter while using less wood – which in a survival situation can […]

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rocket stoves

Field Expedient Rocket Stoves

I’ve been researching different way of cooking in an emergency situation. I carry a homemade Penny Stove in my Get Home Bag (GHB). They are excellent for this purpose – small, heat up quickly, are pretty powerful, and don’t use a lot of fuel. They have their downsides, though. You need to carry fuel with […]

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