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Complete Legal Protection For Armed Self-Defense

Using a firearm in self-defense can spell financial ruin.  

Learn below how to protect your financial independence.

The Attack

You’re sitting at home, when suddenly, your back door is kicked in, and in storms a crack cocaine addict who has been on an all-night drug binge. This addict begins beating another occupant in your home. Fearing for the life of your friend, you grab your gun, and fire it at the assailant, killing him.

Clearly a case of defending a human life, right?

Not for Carl Kozlosky. It really happened to him. This former police officer was convicted of murder and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

How could this possibly happen? Mr. Kozlosky’s home was invaded. An attack happened right in front of him.

Yet he goes to prison.

The American Legal System and Guns

Like it or not, much of the American legal system – and most of the American press – don’t like guns. At least not in the hands of good, decent, private citizens. Luckily, Mr. Kozlosky’s case was overturned on appeal, and he’ll be getting a new trial.

How much is that going to cost him? How much has it cost him to defend himself in court to this point? His first trial ended in a mistrial. The second one ended with his conviction. His attorneys prepared and presented an appeal, which got him the chance at freedom…and yet another trial. He has likely spent tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of money laying around. Do you? What kind of choice is that – spending your life savings to get your freedom, or going to jail for a very long time because you can’t afford to defend yourself?

The Solution

I’m an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. I’ve got insurance for me, the training facility and my students. I realize that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I’d be nuts not to have this insurance.

The NRA Endorsed Insurance Program and Lockton Affinity, LLC, have joined forces with Second Call Defense to offer membership in a program that can protect you and your life’s work from financial ruin should you ever need to defend yourself with a firearm.

second call defense

Membership with SecondCall Defense will bring you these benefits:

Up to

  • $25,000 immediate cash for bail bonds up to $250,000
  • $10,000 immediate cash for a retainer for a lawyer
  • $500 a day to you while you’re in court (up to 10 days)
  • $100,000 for criminal defense costs
  • $250,000 for Accidental shooting protection
  • $250,000 for Civil Suit Damages, and
  • UNLIMITED funds for Civil Suit Defense

Who is eligible for this kind of protection? Anyone who is:

(1) Legally allowed to possess and use any kind of firearm at the time of the incident, and

(2 )The firearm was used in self-defense, and

(3)  At the time you defended yourself, you were not REQUIRED to be carrying a firearm (such as an on-duty police officer or armed security guard). Police and guards ARE protected by their membership benefits when they are off duty.

Depending on your state laws regarding permits, this means you are protected –

  • At home
  • At work
  • At a restaurant, movie theater or other recreational activity
  • At the gun range or while hunting (accidental shooting coverage)
  • While traveling out of state (subject to those states gun laws)
  • ANYWHERE you’re put into the position of having to defend yourself with a firearm

I’ll give you a link in a bit so that you can see all of the benefits and pricing – including a 24-hour hotline, Expert Witness coordination, gun retrieval or replacement, post-shooting mental health services, to just name a small few. It’s really a pretty amazing package of benefits.

Pricing is very flexible, offering month-to-month or annual plans. If for some reason you decide you no longer want the coverage, you can cancel your membership at any time. Membership prices run from $9.95 per month for the Basic Plan to $39.95 for the Ultimate Plan, with the Defender plan in between at $19.95 per month.

If something changes in your life, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your membership plan. With the two top plans (Defender and Ultimate), you can add your spouse to the plan, for only an additional $5, or $7 a month, respectively.  They’ve recently added a “bonus” to the Ultimate plan (“Ultimate Plus”), where for an additional $10 per month, you can bump up the Criminal Defense protection from $50,000 to $100,000.

In short, whatever level of financial protection you want, you can get!

If you’re ready to start your membership, click the icon below to to see each of the five different programs, their costs and benefits, and get protected today with your first month of membership paid in full!

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second call defense

Still not sure?  Keep reading below…

SecondCall Defense?

Why do they call it, “SecondCall Defense”?

It’s because your first call should be to 911 to report the shooting (SecondCall also tells you what you should and SHOULD NOT say to 911). Your second call should be to SecondCall Defense. You’ll be provided with a 24-hour hotline (only given to members) that is manned by attorneys that are self-defense and gun specialists.

The attorney will advise you on your rights, and recommend what kind of statement to provide when the police arrive. They will actually speak with the police if you’re too upset to talk. If you are arrested, they will immediately contact a LOCAL attorney, and wire him/her a retainer. Plus, they’ll get you a bail bondsman to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

That’s right – you are covered anywhere in the United States!

Click this link to see all of the membership benefits. Once at the new page, you can click each of the benefit items to get more details for each type of coverage.

If you are ready, click below to sign-up.

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Still not sure?  Let’s see how the numbers work.  Keep reading below.

Doing The Math

If you’re like me, whenever I buy something, it usually has to, “pencil out” – it’s got to make economic sense. No difference here.

Let’s run a Best Case Scenario if you were to be arrested – but don’t have a SecondCall Defense Plan –

  • You defend yourself with a firearm and are arrested for investigation of homicide
  • You have a bond of $100,000 which costs you $10,000 cash (which you will never get back)
  • You go to the Yellow Pages, find an attorney, and only have to spend the $10,000 cash retainer amount before he/she gets your case dismissed
  • So: You’re out-of-pocket for $20,000 you’ll never get back

If instead, you chose the Ultimate Plan for $39.95 per month, you would make one call, and not need to spend a single dime out of your own pocket. It would take 500 months (which is over 41 years!) before you “over-paid”!

Everyone is aware of the George Zimmerman self-defense case. His cost for the criminal trial was a drop-in-the-bucket when compared to what the civil trial may cost. I’d be financially ruined were I required to come up with the money just to defend myself against the civil case – let alone any damages. With SecondCall Defense, up to 100% of your civil defense is covered.

$39.95 is truly a small price to pay!

Are you a hunter? What if you happen to accidentally shoot your hunting buddy? Or have an accident at a gun range? SecondCall Defense will provide you with up to $250,000 in protection against accidental discharge lawsuits and damages.

What if you own a business where your employees are armed? I also own a precious metals store. My employees are not required to carry a gun, but if they choose to do so, I DO require that they have the Second Call Defense plan. They pay for the plan, and I reimburse them for the expense each month.

They’re protected 24/7, and I’m given some financial protection if they’re required to defend themselves while in my employ. Win/win!

Are you ready yet? If you own any kind of firearm – revolver, semi-automatic, shotgun or long gun – and you may some day be put into the position of using it for self-defense, well, you’re nuts if you don’t get this protection. From a financial peace-of-mind perspective, this is an easy decision!

Click below to get yourself protected.

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