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vehicle-gun-storageOne of my greatest concerns is the security of my guns in whatever vehicle I’m in.  Or out of.

Actually, I’d have to say I’m more concerned about the guns when I’m out of the vehicle, since I can’t personally protect them.  While being the victim of a theft or robbery is horrible, the thought of one of my guns being stolen is absolutely mortifying.

Proper gun storage is the way we at least make sure we don’t make it easy for our guns to end up in the wrong hands.

I’m a big fan of these small, secure pistol boxes in this first video.  I must say – as noted by Chief Instructor in Securing Your Self-Defense Weapons – I’m not a big fan of biometric locks.  Being 100% certain that your batteries are fresh is simply unrealistic, in my opinion, and I won’t bet my life that I won’t forget to change them out.  Combos and keys (with spares in the car or truck) is my motto –

This following video offers some good ideas – including a product I’d never seen before.  I – like many preppers – keep a Get Home Bag (GHB) in my car or truck at all times.  The equipment I keep in mine is usually pretty pricey because of it’s small size, light weight and high quality.  Not something I want a “smash and run” criminal to be able to easily take.

Additionally, I keep a Henry Survival Rifle (a break-down AR-7) in the GHB, and I don’t want that “walking away”.  As a result, I’m going to look closely into the metal mesh bag enclosure he discusses.

Warning:  Rough language

This last video shows something I’m planning on adding to my upcoming SUV purchase:  A center console gun and valuables safe.

I really like his use of the magnet gun retention device he uses.  Gotta add one of them to my list as well!

Regardless of whatever system you use – one of these or something else – it is the moral (and usually legal) obligation of gun owners to ensure our guns are kept out of the hands of the bad guys, or others we’ve not given permission to access them.  Hopefully, some of these gun storage ideas will help keep your guns secure.

Don’t give the Gun Grabbers more ammo to further reduce our right to Keep And Bear Arms.

For More Ideas, see Securing Your Self-Defense Weapons


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  1. Anon June 11, 2015 at 11:23 pm #

    I’ve been keepin an eye out for one for my 2007 Taco. I bought the under seat box, there’s no room under there for anything but maybe a quarter or a bic lighter. So that one’s sitting in the garage, but these console ones look awesome!! Thanks, Chief!!