Preparing For Predators Now

preparing for predatorsA lion’s work hours are only when he’s hungry; once he’s satisfied, the predator and prey live peacefully together. –Chuck Jones


I received a call from a woman about my Pepper Spray and Stun Gun class. She told me about some trouble she is having with one of her neighbors.

It seems that, for whatever reason, she and a neighbor family don’t get along. At one point, she had been attacked by the husband next door, and was roughed up a bit. She called the police, and had gotten a restraining order and figured that was the end of it.

Not so much.

Some time passed, and out of the blue, she gets confronted by the wife of the guy with the restraining order. Things escalated to where the neighbor wife reached into the woman’s car, grabbed her by the arm and twisted it in such a way that her arm was broken.

In front of her own house, and with her kids in the car.

The police were once again called, arrests were made and more restraining orders were issued. But this lady didn’t feel safe, and wanted to learn how to protect herself.

She was finally, “getting it”.


Through this whole story, I kept thinking, “Where is your husband?” Somewhere along the line she had mentioned that she was married.  Why is he allowing his wife to be beaten up by the neighbors?

It then came out that she was married to a guy in the Air Force. He is stationed at a local military facility – Travis Air Force Base. Both times she was attacked, he had been out on deployments. They live off base, so they don’t have the protection that base housing affords.

She told me there is a Base Wives club, and they share tips on things to watch for when their husbands have been deployed. She said one of the most common is for an announcement to be made about local units, and when they’re being deployed. As soon as the deployment occurs, the neighborhoods that are within a couple of miles of the base are suddenly inundated with door-to-door salesmen. “Get your carpets cleaned.” “Get a new home security system.” “Do you need a handy-man?”

Some may be legit business people. They see a business opportunity and are taking advantage of it.

But some are predators looking for an easy mark. It seems as though her neighbors are this type of people, since the attacks all happen when hubby is away.


One of the things we talk about in our different safety workshops is that predators have a plan. Part of that is identifying opportunities – finding instances where the risk of being caught or harmed is low, and the reward is high.

Some people have difficulty with the concept of possibly harming or killing an intruder. They might have been socially passivized. They may have religious concerns. They might just be the type of person who hates confrontation – they’ve been led to believe that submission is preferable to conflict.

We give them two things to think about in trying to change their minds –

The intentions of an intruder or aggressor are to violate you, your family or your home

More importantly, I think is –

There is no forgiveness on the part of a predator

Think about how brazen and cowardly this lady’s next door predators have been. They attack her when it is less likely they will be harmed in return. They wrenched her arm so violently, it was broken while she sat in her car.

They couldn’t care less. They had no forgiveness, and in fact worked around the law so the predator husband wouldn’t be punished for violating the original restraining order. They tag-teamed her.

If (when?) TSHTF, and more people don’t have jobs, housing, food, money, clothes – whatever – do you think the number of predators will decrease? Will state and federal governments be able to keep the hoards happy? Do you think the police will be able to investigate every instance of a beating, robbery, home invasion or car theft?

Nope. They’ll be swamped. They’ll only be able to focus on the truly heinous crimes – the sexual assaults and murders. Investigating your home stereo being ripped off and you getting slapped around a bit will be at the bottom of the police “To Do” list.

When the big box stores run out of food and liquor, where do you think they’ll look next?  Urban homesteaders, and then rural homesteaders, that’s where.  We’re going to look like a big, fat, easy pickin’s food store.

Far fetched?  It’s happening right now.  Check with the citizens of any of the dozens of American cities that are either in bankruptcy, or are teetering on the brink.  Most have had to cut back on their police and fire coverage.  If you’re not bleeding, you’re not getting wheels rolling your way.  Most have you fill out an online form.  Seriously.

THIS is what we get to look forward to.

If you don’t have some sort of lethal or non-lethal defensive tool – and know how to use it – you’re almost asking to become a victim.  I have little sympathy for people that know something bad has a high probability of occurring, and they choose to do nothing about it.

Make a plan on what to do in threatening situations. Increase your awareness of what is going on around you.

Choose a weapon, buy a book, get a video, take a class, stay alive.  And practice – a lot.

Don’t wind up having the police at your house because they’re identifying your body with mourning family members.

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