Duct Tape Survival Tricks

duct-tape-survival-tricksDuct tape (not duck tape) is one of those things you should always have around your home, in your car, and in every one of your emergency kits.  It has so many uses – and is so inexpensive – you’re nuts not to have multiple rolls at your disposal.

The short videos at the end of this article show you a number of unique and imaginative uses.  The last one, in particular, can be a life saver.

There are dozens of emergency uses most folks know about.  Some of my favorites:

  • Repair a rip in a tent or tarp
  • Mark a trail
  • Emergency butterfly bandage strips to close a wound
  • Emergency cordage
  • Emergency shelter (when used with garbage bags or tarps)
  • Cover blisters or chaffing areas on your feet
  • Mend shoes and clothing (such as rain gear)
  • Repair a broken fishing or tent pole
  • Fix a cracked water bottle
  • Fix leaking hoses in your vehicle
  • Wrap sprained joints
  • Make a sling for a broken/injured arm
  • Make a splint for injured limb
  • Make a cup or a bowl

Storing Your Duct Tape

You most likely don’t want to throw a whole roll of duct tape into your Every Day Carry kit, or even a Bug Out Bag.  Six or eight feet should do.

Great tip on how to get a nice bit of tape for your gear bag –

Duct Tape Match with Magnesium Bar

Pretty impressive.  By manipulating the very small piece of duct tape, the guy is able to easily make a match of sorts – he called it a candle – that extended the life of the flame he made.  As you’ll see in the video, he screws up by not having his twig bundle tight enough, and the fire would have normally blown out.  Because of the duct tape, he was able to correct his mistake and get a fire going.

Emergency Arrow Fletching

If you use arrows, you know they don’t fly straight without the feather fletching.  What happens if your fletching is damaged beyond repair?

You use duct tape!

 Escaping From Duct Tape “Handcuffs”

As this video notes, duct tape is often used as a restraining device.  Hopefully, you’re never put into a situation of needing this skill, but it’s a nice piece of knowledge to have.

It should also show you the limitations of using duct tape for restraints – you know, for zombies and the like!

Get thee some duct tape!

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