15 Alternate Uses For Everyday Items

15-alternate-usesPart of being a prepper means you have the ability to see alternate uses for everyday objects, many that you already have at home.  It’s the whole, “When given lemons, make lemonade” philosophy.  You want to be flexible and imaginative.

As is noted at the top of the page under our logo, we are Independent, Experienced and Resourceful.  One of the great examples of being resourceful was the old TV show, “MacGyver”.  He’d find himself in a pinch, and come up with a solution.

He’d scrounge a stick of gum, some obscure powder, a bit of baling wire and a battery, and he’d blow a hole in the wall to make his escape!

While many of his solutions were a bit of a stretch, the concept and the mindset were solid:  Use what you’ve got and make the best of it.

Here are some examples on being resourceful and re-purposing items found around the home:

1 – Paperclips: these little clips have a number of survival uses such as:

•    A fish hook for catching some food
•    A splint for broken fingers and toes
•    Perfect for cleaning fingernails after a day of foraging!

2 – Garbage bags- great for keeping you warm but also as:

•    A raincoat – cut some arm holes into the bag
•    A sling for an injured arm
•    Tourniquet
•    Fill it with leaves and you have a comfortable mattress to rest on

3 – Socks – apart from keeping your feet warm, socks have other survival uses:

•    Gloves
•    Water filter to get particles of dirt out of our water supply
•    Fill it with leaves and you have a pillow to go with your garbage bag mattress
•    Fill it with rocks and you have a weapon to defend yourself

4 – Aluminum cans – once they have reached the end of their drink holder life here are some extra uses:

•    Distress signal – the bottom of the can will reflect sunlight to show rescuers where you are
•    Tops of cans make great fish hooks
•    Pots for heating water
•    Cans can be turned into a stove for cooking and boiling water

5 – Condoms – great for survival situations:

•    Condoms can hold up to 1.5 liters of water so fantastic water carriers
•    Use them as latex gloves
•    My personal favorite – turn it into a weapon by using it as a slingshot!

6 – Dental Floss – it is beneficial to keep hygiene levels high during a survival situation so flossing is important but you can also use dental floss for other things:

•    Cordage to tie things together – particularly helpful when building a shelter
•    Snares for hunting small animals
•    Fishing line to go with your soda can or paper clip fish hook

7 – Zip/cable ties – helpful for tying branches together when shelter building but also for:

•    Making hooks to hang clothes and cups
•    Securing groundsheets to stop them blowing away
•    Handcuffs for neutralizing a potential human threat

8 – Vaseline – lots of important uses such as:

•    Fire starter when used to cover cotton balls – fantastic tinder
•    Skin protection
•    Lubricant for tools

9 – Duct tape – this is an invaluable tool to have:

•    Bandage to support a sprained ankle or similar injury
•    Fire starter
•    Blister care, place a gauze over blisters then place duct tape on top to keep bacteria away
•    Fixing tears in tents etc

10 – Tampons – most ladies will have at least one with them the majority of the time and  you can use them in a survival situation:

•    Tinder – pull it apart and fluff it up
•    Absorbent wound dressing when flattened out and taped over a cut
•    Plastic wrapper can keep matches dry
•    String can be used as cordage

11 – Bandana –apart from looking cool they can also be used as:

•    Protection from the sun as head-wear
•    Cool yourself down by wetting the bandana and wiping over your face
•    Dust filter by covering your mouth
•    Water filter

12 – Wristwatch – apart from looking stylish a watch has survival uses such as:

•    Signalling to rescuers to show your location
•    A compass – use it to work out North and South using the hour hand and the sun
•    Storage for small survival objects – take your watch apart and store fish hooks, small bundles of tinder etc behind the watch face

13 – Crayons – anyone with kids will likely have a lot of these in the house:

•    Emergency candle – light the crayon and it will burn for quite a while
•    Boredom buster for kids and some grownups too

14 – Egg cartons – simple survival uses:

•    Plant seeds and get them sprouting in the carton
•    Cardboard as tinder

15 – Shower curtain – pretty big and useful:

•    A hammock to rest in
•    Water catcher
•    Shelter material

What “MacGyvers” do you use?  Share them with us in the comments section.

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