10 Things Gun Grabbers Lie To You About

10 gun grabber liesA while back, I read an article in MarketWatch.com titled, “10 things the gun industry won’t tell you” (MarketWatch?  The financial website?).

I want to address their lies, so I’m going to go point-by-point down their list, and tear them a new one.

For us Baby Boomers, in particular, this is a critical issue.  There is already talk about passing laws to restrict access to “seniors” because we’re slow, and soft-headed and uninterested in safe gun use.

Like hell!

Just so you understand the mindset of the gun grabbers, they have NEVER acknowledged that the true cause of death of people who are killed by guns – are the people behind the gun!  The gun is a tool, like a knife, an automobile or a screwdriver.  All can kill a human.  It’s the human behind the tool – and his or her actions – that we need to focus upon.

A gun is an inanimate object. It needs someone to make it go “boom”.


In controlled testing, I moderated a focus group about gun violence.  The crux of the testing was placing a loaded gun in the middle of the table, and waiting for it to kill someone.

According to NBC news, 289 people are shot each day by guns, with 30 of them dying, and 53 of them taking their own lives.  So, doing some quick math, 12 people are shot by guns every hour.


We had 5 people in the study.  We started the timer, and waited.

After the first hour, we thought we had a hit.  False alarm, though.  One of the participants just had a cramp in his thigh from sitting motionless waiting for the end to come.

We passed out bananas and bottled water, and the “false alarm cramps” were no longer a problem.

Anyways, long story short, we tested for 8 hours.  Supposedly, 96 people had been shot by guns, but we must have just, “dodged a bullet” so to speak.  I guess our gun wasn’t one of those magical ones that kills people all by itself.


Here is the MarketWatch fisking –

MarketWatch:  “Owning our product may be hazardous to your health.”

BoomerPreps:  NOT owning their product may be hazardous to your health.  According to GunFacts.info, 2.5 million people use guns in self-defense each year.  Many never even need to fire the gun – the rapist, murderer or burglar leaves before finishing his “business”.


MW:  “Fear is good for our bottom line.”

BP:  I’ve gotta give them that one.  Fear that I won’t be able to defend my life.  Fear that the Gun Grabbers will inhibit my 2nd amendment rights.  I’m just as fearful as police and military would be if the grabbers passed laws saying, “No guns allowed.  Period.”


MW:  “Guns get special treatment under the law.”

BP:  Special RESTRICTIVE treatment, maybe.  They’re alluding to the fact that a law was passed saying that a gun manufacturer couldn’t be sued if one of their guns was used in a murder.  Duh!  That would be the same as being able to sue a baseball bat manufacturer because some criminal beat someone to death with it.  Or a car manufacturer, or knife manufacturer, or rope manufacturer.  Absolutely insane!


MW:  “We want your kids to play with guns.”

BP:  Yeah, it’s all about the children, right?  MW even admits in their hit-piece that manufacturers, the NRA and other shooting organizations focus on safely using guns.  No matter.  All guns are bad, ’cause they kill people.  They even try to tie them to cigarettes, which can’t be marketed to kids.  Guns and cigs are the same?  Seriously?!  Soft-heads in the media lap this stuff up.


MW:  “Gun control may work. We still think it’s a bad idea.”

BP:  They cherry-pick a couple of states as definitive proof that gun control works.  Bull.  Here’s a nation-wide fact for you:  Without exception, every state that has gone to a, “shall issue” concealed carry permit system saw murder and violent crime DROP.  Without exception.  A question:  Why don’t they ever include Washington DC, Oakland, Chicago or other cities with insanely restrictive gun laws in their “studies”?  It’s because they know that restrictive gun control laws are ONLY followed by law-abiding citizens, NOT the criminals.  When are they going to address that?


MW:  “Politically, we’re practically unbeatable.”

BP:  Huh?  Talk to the citizens of California, Illinois, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New York, Hawaii, New Jersey and Rhode Island to see how they think the gun manufacturers have congress all buttoned up.  The Second Amendment states, “… the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not infringed”.  Being in California, I’m infringed upon.  Big time.


MW:  “Under ‘Gun Ban Obama,’ we’re doing just fine.”

BP:  OK, they’ve got me there, too.  Whenever a politician says they’re going to take something away from you – rights, products, whatever – people believe them.  The president uses the typical gun grabber phrase of, “common sense gun control” – which is anything but sensible, and is grabber code for, “we’re coming for your guns”.  Gun and ammo sales soared.  Well done, Mr. President.


MW:  “Sometimes we aren’t ‘pro-gun’ enough.”

BP:  Man, they got another one right.  Their point is that we proponents of the second amendment and all gun rights vote with our pocketbooks.  If a manufacturer  bends a knee to government regulation without a damned good fight, expect us gun owners to find another manufacturer from whom to buy.  It’s really that simple.


MW:  “We sell guns to people you might not want us to.”

BP:  This is one of the key points of gun control:  We’ve got to ban guns so terrorists and criminals can’t get them.  It is the major Straw Man that the grabbers employ.  What it ignores – as noted earlier – is that terrorists, criminals and mass murderers don’t give a damn about the laws.  By restricting guns to good citizens on the pretext that it will make them safer is absolutely, mind-bogglingly insane.


MW:  “Ammo is our secret (business) weapon.”

BP:  Clearly, they couldn’t come up with 10 semi-coherent items, and just threw this in.  It’s like saying that the secret weapon of the auto industry is gasoline.  What’s that mean?  OK, you need gas or the car won’t move, like you need ammo or the gun won’t fire.  How is that evil, and sneaky as the title of the article implies?  It’s not.


So arm yourself with facts so that you’re able to sway folks that are undecided about “common sense gun control laws”.  Ask questions, don’t scream and yell.

Diffuse emotional topics – such as New Town – by making simple statements like, “I sure wish it had been legal for the principal or some other adult to have a gun locked up safely on campus.  Think how many of those poor children wouldn’t have been slaughtered by that insane man.

Break down their emotional, baseless appeals with facts and logic.  Don’t yell, don’t scream, just talk.

Think through the path the gun grabber will take – i.e., all guns are bad (then why do police have them?), more background checks (criminals don’t get their guns at the gun shop) – and be prepared to be the adult in the conversation.  Each time you get the opportunity to speak calmly about a sensitive topic, you have the opportunity to influence another person’s opinion.

Read and download Gun Facts.  It’s full of great facts about gun ownership and use – with every statement being accompanied by a citation.

Go forth and influence!


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