Practice Techniques For Advanced Pistol


When was the last time you read a news report about a home invasion where the bad guy stood there like a stationary target at the shooting range?

If someone breaks into your home, do you know how to shoot around a corner without exposing more of your body to return fire than is absolutely necessary?

Do you know the techniques for accurate rapid fire shooting?  At multiple targets?

No?  Then you’re ready to take the next step in your pistol training.  You need some drills and techniques to take it to, “the next level”.

Written by an NRA nationally certified pistol instructor, Practice Techniques For Advanced Pistol will take you through a wide range of dry-fire, airsoft practice and live-fire shooting drills and techniques.

The training philosophy allows you to maximize your live-fire shooting practice, while developing the skills you need to defend yourself with less expensive dry-fire and airsoft gun training.

Dry-Fire Drills

  • Proper Gun Presentation
  • Strong-Side Holster Draw
  • Holster Draw Shot (close quarters)
  • Transferring Gun To The Other Hand
  • Tap and Rack Drill
  • Tactical Reloads


Airsoft Drills

  • Single-shot rapid fire
  • Shooting Around Corners – “Slicing The Pie” – Two-Handed
  • Shooting Around Corners – “Slicing The Pie” – One-Handed
  • Shooting At Multiple Targets
  • Shooting While Moving


Live-Fire Drills

  • One-Handed Shots
  • Weak-side – Two-handed Shooting
  • Rapid Fire – Two-handed
  • Rapid Fire – One-handed
  • Multiple Targets


Length:  20 pages

Size:  1.26mb

Format:  PDF



You will be able to download the guide immediately upon payment.

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  1. :

    Wow. Back to the range for me! So many excellent techniques explained so well. Shooting accurately with one hand. Who knew?! The pistol transfer drills between left and right hand are great. It’s stuff you never think about. Great book.

  2. (verified owner):

    Just bought this and the gold book. Impressed. The airsoft practice training is just awesome. I essentially set up a range in my garage and went to it. When out on the range, my accuracy just shot through the roof. Two thumbs up, 5 stars, 100% great.

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