Beginners Guide To Precious Metals


As with any venture, knowledge is of the utmost importance.  As we say in this industry, “Buy the book, then buy the coin” – meaning, understand what you’re buying, what it’s worth and how you will eventually get it sold.

The author is a former bank executive of 30 years.  After leaving the world of digital money and fiat currency, he opened a precious metals store in 2010 where he learned the inside tricks and traps of precious metals – real money.

On an almost daily basis, he has “newbie” precious metals buyers come to his store, uncertain about the differences between the various types of precious metals.  What to buy, how much to buy, whether or not to buy, and all of the nuances of markets and money.

The “Chief Instructor” persona kicks into gear, and they get a condensed version of the detailed knowledge you’re about to absorb by reading this e-book.

You’ll learn:

favacon16x16-2What To Buy?

⇒ The difference between numismatic coins and bullion.  The risks and rewards of both.

⇒ Which gold and silver coins have the highest and lowest premiums.

⇒ Which types of silver to NEVER buy.

⇒ The inside scoop on “junk silver”, bars and rounds.

favacon16x16-2Where and How To Buy & Sell?

⇒ The pros and cons of Coins Shops, eBay, Craigslist, “Pocket” dealers and Coin Shows.  Which to use and which to avoid.

⇒ How to make sure you’re getting the best possible price when buying.

⇒ A few simple steps to maintaining your privacy when buying (this is HUGE!).

⇒ How to get paid the most when you’re selling.

⇒ How, when and IF your sale will be reported to the authorities.


Length:  20 pages

Size:  3.7mb

Format:  PDF


You will be able to download the guide immediately upon payment.