power outage water supplies

Water: After A Power Outage

A question:  What is the first thing you do when you have a power outage?  Our plan, like most, is to find some sort of light source – be it a flashlight or candle.  We then grab one of our dynamo-powered radios to try and figure out what is happening. I’m guessing the next item […]

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A Game of Financial Jenga

An interesting development in international banking is in the works.  This isn’t going to immediately tip over the US economy and financial system.  But it’s definitely another Jenga block being removed from our financial foundation. First, some background:  The BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have been getting together for the past few years with […]

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violent riot

Low Probability-High Impact Violence

Being Baby Boomers, we’re supposed to have the, “wisdom of time” as one of our greatest assets.  We’ve seen a lot, done a lot, and hopefully, we’ve learned a lot. Part of that learning experience is recognizing situations that have a good chance of erupting into unexpected violence. Low Probability/High Impact Events In our Emergency […]

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eye through keyhole

Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy.  It’s one of those weird things. It’s a core component to true independence, yet so many people are willing to toss it aside. If you act to protect your privacy, you’re assumed to be hiding something. If you’re hiding something, you’re assumed to be doing something illegal.  It’s the whole, “If you’ve done nothing […]

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old butter churn

Two Techniques For Making Butter

I’m planning on making a dent in the California wild pig population in a couple of months.  I’ve got a buddy that reloads his ammo.  He got tired of hearing me bitch and moan about how I was having a difficult time securing enough .308 for one of my rifles, and offered to teach me […]

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Truck & camper

On The Road Again

Many Boomers look to travel as one of the perks of life. Some enjoy international travel – seeing far-off lands and other cultures. Others are more “home bodies”.  They want to see the USA – up close and personal.  Take their time, drink in the scenery and local folks, and enjoy this country. If you […]

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Gift Cards

Big Bucks Savings With Gift Cards

We ALL like money.  Making it and saving it. Many Boomers are on a fixed budget that consists of bank savings, maybe a retirement account or IRA, and Social Security.  If you’re no longer working, but still need to purchase prepper gear, every dollar saved really counts. Anyone – Boomers included – that are still […]

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"Do not drink the water" sign

Potable Water: In The Wild

The city sewage treatment plant goes off line due to a terrorist attack. A natural disaster – such as Katrina – devastates and floods large geographic areas, making all water unsafe to consume. An earthquake strikes or wildfire races through your area, knocking out power for your entire region. A train derails and dumps thousands […]

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No Batteries Required

Games – No Boards or Batteries Required

Boredom sucks. Whether the power goes out, you’re living off-grid or you suddenly find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, having the ability to entertain yourself – without power – can be a godsend. If kids are involved, it’s almost a requirement! Regardless of the situation – expected or not […]

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Home Canned French Onion Soup

I LOVES me some French onion soup. One of my all-time favorites. That deep, rich onion soup topped with a big crouton, all covered with a tangy cheese. Nothing better! I recently found myself with a bunch of onions ready to go bad, and some very pricey meat that had gotten freezer burned. I decided […]

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Woman in hallway with bruise on her cheek with menacing man

The Right Self-Defense Tool For You

Every person is different.  Some of us are strong.  Some of us… not so much.  Some have “hawk-eye vision”  while some of us suffer from various eye and sight ailments.  As we Boomers age, our dexterity, strength and agility can begin to wane.  Our physical “assets” must be taken into account when selecting a self-defense […]

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Preventative Home Security

We Boomers are no different than any other type of person when it comes to keeping our homes safe.  We want to keep the bad guys out, and keep our assets in!   Most of these suggestions will apply to any kind of domestic structure – a home you own, a home you rent, or an […]

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Branding Your New Business

Like many Boomers, I’ve gone from the corporate job to the entrepreneurial business owner.  It ain’t easy! Many of us have found that if we lose that corporate job – either through downsizing, cost-cutting or the business simply shuts down, finding another job is a daunting task.  Most employers will look at a Boomer and […]

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