A Shelter For Every Emergency

Most people who understand the need for preparedness have at least heard about the, “Rule of 3’s” – You can live for 3 minutes without air You can live for 3 hours without shelter You can live 3 days without water You can live 3 weeks without food The first time reading the list, many […]

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food skills dump

Food and Drink Skills Dump

We push independence around here, along with experience and resourcefulness. Many folks take a lot of what’s around us for granted.  We run down to the store or some sort of specialist (doctor, mechanic, plumber, etc) to get done what needs doing.  That’s not really living and promoting those core principles. I HOPE that as […]

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proper technique saves lives

Proper Technique Will Save Your Life

In one of my recent beginner pistol classes, I had a student ask about why technique is so important.  He was saying how he’d been shooting before and did just fine.  He knocked all the beer cans off the log, and had a great time. I told him that if his reason for taking my […]

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wood in your food

You’re A Termite In Their Eyes

One of the key tenants of preparedness-minded individuals is independence.  Without it, you’re obviously dependent upon someone or something for a given task or item.  Food is one of those key items for which we want to be independent. For me, producing as much of what I eat is more about knowing what’s inside it.  […]

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first aid protocols

First Aid Protocols

Whatcha gonna do? A child playing on a swing set is suddenly on the ground, and not moving. A fellow Baby Boomer walking in the park suddenly drops to the ground in front of you. While driving down a back road, you come upon an automobile accident and you see the driver – not moving […]

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Defeating Stalkers

Stalker:  An individual with an unhealthy obsession for another person. There are a number of definitions of “stalker” in our society today.  You can have stalkers on your website or your FaceBook account.  These people, while “creepy”, generally cannot do you direct harm.  The anonymity of the Internet gives you some level of safety. Where […]

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gun in holster

Open Carry vs. Concealed Carry

Open carry versus Concealed carry is one of the most divisive and controversial issues regarding firearms. Open carry, in particular, seems to evoke the most strident responses.  There is very little gray area in most people’s opinion on the subject:  Most are either fully for it, for fully against it. According to OpenCarry.org,  44 states […]

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seven traits of the rich

Wanna Get Rich? Adopt These 7 Traits

Lots of Baby Boomers are considering “second life” careers – either through choice or necessity.   How many of these traits do you really possess? Wanna get rich?  Stupid rich? It can still be done, but it take a lot of work.  A great way to get moving in the right direction is to see what […]

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barter better

Barter Better

Different Baby Boomers and other preppers have different beliefs as to the depth and breadth of the event which causes their plan to be implemented. Some believe the event will be no more than a “personal recession” – a job loss, perhaps. Others think it could escalate to a national or worldwide depression. We could […]

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must have records

Must-Have Records After TSHTF

Our lives are increasingly dependent upon data and records. Most of the time, these records are used for some sort of identification or authentication, or as proof of ownership/past payment.  It is incredible how much “permission” we are required to get to live our lives. This can be even more important for Baby Boomers, as […]

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rocket stoves

Field Expedient Rocket Stoves

I’ve been researching different way of cooking in an emergency situation. I carry a homemade Penny Stove in my Get Home Bag (GHB). They are excellent for this purpose – small, heat up quickly, are pretty powerful, and don’t use a lot of fuel. They have their downsides, though. You need to carry fuel with […]

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medication shortages

Medication Shortages

It is pretty amazing how dependent we’ve become on EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors.  More disturbing, is how dependent we’ve become on prescription medications.  Instead of fixing the cause of the problem, we’ve been trained to take a pill, and the problem magically goes away. We Baby Boomers, as we age, become more and more […]

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home canned burger

Canning Burger At Home

Part of being prepared – and independent – is assuming a number of different negative events will happen, and being prepared for each of them.  One of the great ways to prepare for an extended power outage is to home can food.  Whatever gets canned gets fully cooked and can be consumed without further preparation. […]

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