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It's got different meanings to different people.

To some, it means independence of thought and speech. To others, it represents the freedom to travel and see this great country without being treated like a terrorist criminal. And to still others, it means knowing that whatever comes down the road, they'll be able to weather the storm and come out whole on the other side.

A truly independent person has a number of characteristics.

You've got to have personal drive. You're not willing to accept what's given if it doesn't meet your needs. You're willing to work to get what you need.

You're a problem-solver. If something isn't right, you find a way to make it right. It could be your finances, your health, your personal safety or coming up with ways to put food on the table regardless of the economy.

Your experience helps you find the right path.  You'll figure it out.

I think the most important characteristic is leadership. Many independent people don't consider themselves to be leaders - but they are. They aren't following, "the herd" - most of whom happily accept bureaucratic directives and restrictions regardless of how foolish the directives may be.

We want to live our lives on our own terms, and we'll help others who feel the same way. We don't need bureaucrats telling us to go here, and sit there, and eat this, and don't touch that.

Sorry, but that just doesn't fly with our members. Not even close. The bureaucrats can go to hell.

The core of all of these traits is a freedom to act and live as you wish, as long as you don't infringe on the rights of others while doing so. This takes knowledge and time.

We can help on both counts.

We know that too many promises have been made to too many people, and there is nowhere near enough money to pay for all of those promises.

Something WILL give out. Maybe not next month. Maybe not next year. But it will give out, and you see a need to prepare for what will be coming.Woman picking carrots on allotment

You will NOT be in a soup line.

You will NOT be in a FEMA camp.

You will NOT be dependent upon some bureaucrat for your well-being.




Join Us For The Journey

If you look at a cross section of Baby Boomers, you'll see all flavors of races, religions, and economic attainment. Yep, we're rich, poor and middle class. Just like all of America.

What defines and binds us is our common history. We've been here on this planet for about the same amount of time. We've all seen the same changes come to this country and our world, and it is of concern to us.

Many "Millennials" and "Gen-Xers" see the same thing.  They want to join a community that supports and encourages personal responsibility and personal independence.  Becoming a cog in the machine is unacceptable.

We all believe that time is running out to get prepared, regardless of the event.  It may be civil unrest, economic collapse, food shortages, confiscations by government officials, new weather patterns to which we must adapt, or freakish events like Electromagnetic Pulses (EMPs) that take out the whole power grid.

What we know with absolute certainty is that all of these things have happened in the past (yep, even the EMPs), and those that were prepared survived the best.  In fact, many thrived.

We intend on being part of the group that thrives.

We've assembled a group of individuals that have come together for one purpose:  To disseminate and coordinate information on homesteading, preparedness, survival, financial, personal safety, food, water, shelter - and a half-dozen other categories, specifically for personal independence.

We've gathered the experts, you just need to soak it in and act. 

Twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week, Premium Members have access to:

Independence Library - this is your personal library of guides, reports and books covering the 12 Impacts that can negatively affect your life during an emergency.  Food, water, shelter, money, personal safety, health/medical, restricted travel, environmental toxins, utilities, records, mental health and communications.

All of the material can be read online, or downloaded to your PC or other electronic device.

Each month, 1 to 3 new items are added to the library.



Independence Report - this is our flagship Premium Member monthly  newsletter that gets "deep into the weeds" on critical topics each month.  If some new technique, outlook or process is on the horizon, we'll cover it here for you.

Exercise and health.  Skill building.  Targeted survival topics.  Financial insights.  Food production and preservation.  Homesteading.  Power generation.  Self-defense.

This information is only available to Premium Members.


What It Means - On-Demand articles based on current events.  The world changes on a daily basis - sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  Understanding the event and how it will impact your personal independence can be crucial to your success.

We'll detail an event (such as 'Quantitative Easing', new or proposed gun control laws, or new land or water legislation) and give you the insights of our team of contributors.  We'll show you how to minimize a negative impact or capitalize on a new opportunity.


You have instant access to information that would take years to research and accumulate.

As long as you have an Internet connection, this information is available to you anywhere in the world, 24/7!




The Next Step

The greatest benefit of our Premium Membership is the new content.  Each and every month new books, reports, interviews and in-depth articles are placed at your fingertips.

There is no need to spend time and valuable resources trying to locate information.  It's all right here.

You can now stay on top of all "best practices" to keep you and your family safe, secure - and independent.

The information in our record vaults is worth hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars.  Much of it is not available anywhere else on the planet.

All for less than 15 cents a day.  Choose billing on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  Discounts apply for the quarterly and annual plans!

We believe in loyalty, and as long as you continue on the journey with us, we'll provide you with all of this great information for the same price, FOREVER.  Regardless of any future price increases we may pass along, the cost of your chosen plan will never increase.

Of course, if you ever desire, you can cancel your membership at any time, and have no obligation in the future.

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