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Our monthly premium members-only newsletter.  Each issue covers topics most important to our premium members.  Examples include homesteading, buying precious metals, going off-grid, exercise routines to maintain mobility and flexibility, and food preservation how-to's.  Topical information our premium members need to maintain and enhance their independence.



Planning:  Simplified Prepper Planning - Many people find themselves desiring to get into prepping, but don’t know where to start. You need to know about [...]


Safety/Skills:  Pistol Repair - Part 2 - In this installment, we’ll discuss how your gun works. Very few people who own pistols understand all of the inner-workings that make their gun go, “bang!”.  Also, we’ll start the process of some common maintenance and minor repairs [...]



Safety:  Pistol Repair - Part 1 - Part of being independent is the ability to “take care of business” even when access to  [...]

Food:  "Mooning" Your Garden - By paying attention to the cycles of the Moon, the chances for gardening success are greatly enhanced.

Shelter/Food:  Primer - Building With Wooden Pallets - I love free stuff.  Especially when I can use it to make something of greater value.

Food:  Rustic Cooking - ... [A]n excerpt on cooking food when no modern electricity or gas is available.  Great lessons to learn!


Sanitation:  Old Fashioned Soap MakingYou’re going to learn how to make your own lye from hardwood ashes, render fat,  [...]

Food:  The Art and Science of Saving Seeds - [Y]ou’ll have the means to harvest a treasure trove of fruits and vegetables season after season.

Food:  Primer - Beekeeping For Beginners - A good productive hive can yield up to about 200 pounds of honey per year.


Water:  Building a Rain Catchment System - Rain Catchment systems harvest rain water for use in your home or on your homestead,  [...]

Food:  Primer On Building an Aquaponics SystemWouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to create a homesteading solution that delivered both high quality protein vegetables, [...]

Safety:  Self-Defense Cartridge Choices - The thought of having to protect one's self against an attack is a frightening prospect. Being forced to defend [...]

Health and Fitness:  Detailed Guide To Convict Conditioning - Convict Conditioning is an exercise practice developed by a real-life convict, [...]

Communications:  Primer on Ham Radio - If you’ve decided that you want to get up and running as a Ham radio operator, [...]

Power:  Detailed Guide To Wood Gas Generators - Wood gas generators, or gasifiers, at their most basic level use heat to turn biomass [...]