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Independence Library

Your personal bookshelf of reports, books, guides and how-to documents covering all 12 Impacts that can affect your independence:  Food, water, safety, money, physical health/medical, shelter, utilities, environmental toxins, mental health, communications, records and restricted travel.

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Monthly Independence Report

Current and back issues of our bi-monthly premium members-only newsletter.  Each issue covers topics most important to our premium members.  Examples include buying precious metals, going off-grid, exercise routines to maintain mobility and flexibility, and food preservation how-to's.  Topical information our premium members need to maintain and enhance their independence.

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BoomerPreps What It Means Articles

Topical articles pulled from today's headlines.  World and national events unfold rapidly - sometimes for the good, sometimes not.  Our team of contributors explains a current event (such as 'Quantitative Easing' or new gun control laws) and gives you their insights and strategies for using the information to your benefit.

These articles are posted on the main BoomerPreps website, but are only accessible by Premium Members.