Games – No Boards or Batteries Required

No Batteries RequiredBoredom sucks.

Whether the power goes out, you’re living off-grid or you suddenly find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do, having the ability to entertain yourself – without power – can be a godsend. If kids are involved, it’s almost a requirement!

Regardless of the situation – expected or not – having some downtime to “recharge your batteries” is an important mental health exercise. And with a little pre-planning, hours and hours of entertainment can be had for very little expense… and not a single battery is required.

Morale is an important aspect in almost any endeavor.  Don’t dismiss the importance of mental health activities and diversions, especially during times of great stress.  Children, in particular, may not have the mental faculties to comprehend certain situations, and keeping them occupied can be a way of easing them into a “new normal”.

Most of these games need 2 to 4 people, but many are playable by 10 or more folks.


Card Games

The great standby. Card games have been a way to wile away the hours literally for centuries. A pack of cards and an understanding of the rules is all that’s required. Click each game below for the instructions. Print them out and add them to a deck or two of cards that you can keep in your Bug Out Bag.

Crazy Eights

Go Fish

I Doubt It


Go Boom






Paper and Pencil

Tired of card games?  Get out some paper and pencil, and add them and the instructions to your game kit.


Numbers Tic-Tac-Toe



Word Squares




Not all games need a lot of parts.  These help fill the time while keeping the mind sharp and awareness keen.  Many can be played in the car while traveling.



I Spy

Twenty Questions


Odd Bean


Mind Games

No, I’m not talking about mental cruelty, but mental agility!  These tend to be a bit more difficult, and may be more appropriate for teens and adults.  I’ve heard from reliable sources that they can be great fun after the consumption of moderate amounts of adult beverages…

Bulls and Cows



Going On A Picnic

Total Recall

Name Six


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