6 No-Canning Food Saving Ideas

You’ve busted your hump growing a bumper crop in your garden.  Friends and family have gotten more than they can consume, yet you are still wallowing in abundance.

You have raised meat, egg or milk animals, your belly is full – and more of the bounty remains.

You’ve hunted, fished, trapped or foraged more wild food than you can consume before it spoils.

You believe it borders on immorality to waste food, especially if an animal has given its life for your well-being.  What to do with your abundant bounty?

You preserve it for the future.

Check out these 6 food saving ideas that don’t need you to break out the pressure or water-bath canner –

#1 Freezing Root Vegetables

I’ve got a buddy that had a small backyard plot of potatoes.  Nothing much to look at.  Then BAM! Spuds-a-palooza!

The traditional way of storing root vegetables is to use some sort of cellaring process.  Well, not everyone has access to a cellar!

This imaginative person show you how to prep, protect and freeze your root veggies for the best outcomes –



#2 Freezing Beet Greens

I really like this lady’s technique and attitude.

Normally, when growing a root veggie such as beets, you are only interested in the root (personally, beets disgust me, but that’s another story).  She knew about the incredible nutrition available in the greens (which I absolutely LOVE), so she wanted to preserve them.

Waste not, want not.

She’s got a nice technique for evacuating the air from her freezer bags.



 #3 Freezing Eggs (Seriously?!)

Who knew?

If I’ve heard one common complaint from my friends with chickens, it’s that, on occasion, they have way too many eggs.  They’ll give away or barter what they can, but sometimes it’s just too much to handle.

According to this, “outside of the box” urban homesteader, freezing eggs is a snap.  Easy to do, very effective, and no waste!

She points out one small problem with frozen eggs, and provides a solution for that as well.  I like it!



#4 Homemade Dairy Products

Got cow or goat?

Talk about squeezing every last bit out of your bounty!  This enterprising lady turns 1 quart of cream into one stick of butter, one pint of buttermilk and one pint of sour cream.

Pretty darned impressive.



#5 Apple Cider Vinegar

Much like the conversion of cream into three other products above, this Homesteading Hippy shows us how to convert her bounty of apples into vinegar.

Once the fermented apples turn into hard cider, just remember to let it age into the vinegar…. don’t drink all of the cider!


 #6 Paper Baggin’ It

I love stuff like this.  A new twist on an old idea.  Historically, you store onions, garlic and shallots in cool, dry areas, like the aforementioned root cellar.  Once again, you may not have one.

The twist is that you use regular old lunch bags – with punched holes – to allow for circulation.  Any cool, dry area with sufficient air-flow will suffice.

If the claims of the author are correct, you can expect at least 3 months of storage life out of your onions, garlic and shallots.  Nice!



Produce, store, maintain independence.  It’s what we all live for.



One Response to 6 No-Canning Food Saving Ideas

  1. tdale September 17, 2014 at 7:47 am #

    I just started a test with the paper bags. Gross, soft onions in the pantry just seem like such a waste. On a side note, my wife just purchased some kind of flower bulb for the backyard garden. They came in a hole-punched paper bag!