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The Dakota Fire Pit

A Dakota Fire Pit is a technique created by the Dakota Indians. It is a very effective method of building and maintaining a fire. It is relatively simple to construct and is super-efficient when it comes to burning fuel. The fire will burn hotter while using less wood – which in a survival situation can […]

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Fuel-Powered Generators

Preparedness is a subject that has been close to my heart ever since a hurricane tore through my community back east, many years ago.  It left many people completely devastated. Since that event, I have done a great deal of research in order to be prepared for any emergency. One of my first tasks was […]

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Radiant Heating

Two of the most popular topics commonly discussed today are using our resources wisely and saving money. I am constantly looking for ways to be more efficient and become more personally independent. Independence from the Power Company is a big step in the right direction! One of the most costly expenses I have identified is […]

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diy power sources

DIY Power Sources

One of the most overlooked emergency preparedness items is alternate power sources.  People always assume that when they flick the switch, the lights will come on. That’s a bad assumption. For Baby Boomers – and others that may have medications or other items that require refrigeration – being without power can turn an otherwise inconvenient […]

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rocket stoves

Field Expedient Rocket Stoves

I’ve been researching different way of cooking in an emergency situation. I carry a homemade Penny Stove in my Get Home Bag (GHB). They are excellent for this purpose – small, heat up quickly, are pretty powerful, and don’t use a lot of fuel. They have their downsides, though. You need to carry fuel with […]

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power outage water supplies

Water: After A Power Outage

A question:  What is the first thing you do when you have a power outage?  Our plan, like most, is to find some sort of light source – be it a flashlight or candle.  We then grab one of our dynamo-powered radios to try and figure out what is happening. I’m guessing the next item […]

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Sanitation With A Twist

My wife and I have been looking for some rural property, and most of them are on private wells and septic.  Having been a “city boy” my whole life, I’m trying to get a grip on life without all of the normal city amenities, and the “rules” you’ve got to follow. No fat in the septic, […]

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