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SHTF Shelters

Shelter is the second point in the Survival Rule of 3’s. After air – without which you can only survive three minutes – shelter is the next most important element to increasing your chances of survival. Three hours is the expected amount of time a person can survive in poor conditions without a suitable shelter […]

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Bug Out Location Characteristics

Editor’s Note:  At its core, a Bug Out Location – or BOL – is a safe place where you can thrive.  The “suitability” suggestions Rob presents are excellent guidelines, whether your BOL is for use during an emergency situation, or if you are looking to live a full-time, self-sufficient lifestyle. A major priority after a […]

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20 Emergency Uses For Garbage Bags

With the onset of winter, many folks will be heading out into nature for recreation.  My husband and I are already planning a number of outings – one in the mountains, and the other in the high desert. Most people will carry some sort of emergency gear in a small backpack or fanny pack just […]

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5 Knots You Need To Know

As part of your preps I am sure you will have a fairly substantial amount of Paracord, rope and various other forms of cordage. This will come in very handy in so many different survival situations. However, rope is only as useful as your knot tying abilities allow. Here are five survival knots that you […]

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Shelter In Place Plan

We all understand the importance of having a bug out bag and plan ready to go should we need to evacuate our home at a moment’s notice. But do we all understand the importance of having a Shelter-In-Place (SIP) plan? Consider that all highways carry trucks transporting deadly chemicals.  So does the railway system.  Is […]

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15 Alternate Uses For Everyday Items

Part of being a prepper means you have the ability to see alternate uses for everyday objects, many that you already have at home.  It’s the whole, “When given lemons, make lemonade” philosophy.  You want to be flexible and imaginative. As is noted at the top of the page under our logo, we are Independent, […]

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Tiny House Movement

When my wife and I first decided to start looking for a homestead, we were thinking pretty conventionally – buy a home somewhere in the rural western United States and enjoy our life together. Then we found the tiny house movement, and things took a very different path. Tiny homes can equal big fun, as […]

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A Shelter For Every Emergency

Most people who understand the need for preparedness have at least heard about the, “Rule of 3’s” – You can live for 3 minutes without air You can live for 3 hours without shelter You can live 3 days without water You can live 3 weeks without food The first time reading the list, many […]

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Truck & camper

On The Road Again

Many Boomers look to travel as one of the perks of life. Some enjoy international travel – seeing far-off lands and other cultures. Others are more “home bodies”.  They want to see the USA – up close and personal.  Take their time, drink in the scenery and local folks, and enjoy this country. If you […]

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Preventative Home Security

We Boomers are no different than any other type of person when it comes to keeping our homes safe.  We want to keep the bad guys out, and keep our assets in!   Most of these suggestions will apply to any kind of domestic structure – a home you own, a home you rent, or an […]

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