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Winter Project: DIY Tinder

I am sure we all understand the importance of fire in a survival situation. With winter now upon us, being able to quickly and consistently make a fire in an emergency situation can be a life-saving skill.  One of the keys to starting a fire is having sufficient amounts of tinder.  Without tinder, your chances […]

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20 Emergency Uses For Garbage Bags

With the onset of winter, many folks will be heading out into nature for recreation.  My husband and I are already planning a number of outings – one in the mountains, and the other in the high desert. Most people will carry some sort of emergency gear in a small backpack or fanny pack just […]

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Prepping With Children

Prepping can provide us with many challenges – from finding suitable storage locations to selecting the right type of bug out bag. When you have young children in your family (under 7 years old) additional challenges are created. Can you imagine a young child sitting in your bug out vehicle for hours or even days […]

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5 Knots You Need To Know

As part of your preps I am sure you will have a fairly substantial amount of Paracord, rope and various other forms of cordage. This will come in very handy in so many different survival situations. However, rope is only as useful as your knot tying abilities allow. Here are five survival knots that you […]

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Holiday Shopping Crime Prevention

Black Friday. Cyber Monday. These are the typical starting days for the upcoming Christmas buying season.  I don’t know about you, but I’m already seeing Christmas presents, sales and decorations in the stores, and we’re still nearly 2 weeks away from Thanksgiving! If the shopping is starting earlier, the criminals will start earlier as well.  […]

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Spotting Concealed Weapons

We had an incident in my bullion store yesterday that I thought I’d share. Because of the nature of our business, we have a number of, “risk mitigation” policies.  Identifying individuals with concealed weapons is one of them.  We discuss these policies at length with our employees – what they are and why we do […]

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Routines For Personal Safety

Developing various routines for common tasks is commonplace for most people.  For instance, you may start a pot of coffee each morning. Every morning, you follow the exact same process:  You go to the same cupboard, take out the beans, grind them, pour them into a filter, put the filter into the coffee machine, add […]

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Knife Sharpening 101

Knives could be considered the ultimate survival tool. They have so many uses and can certainly play a big part in keeping you alive in a survival situation. Keeping your knife in top condition is important to ensure it is working effectively when you need it to. A blunt knife is not only less effective […]

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Ziplock Every Day Carry Kit

Having emergency supplies is a fundamental component of being a prepper. We have no way of knowing where we’ll be when a disaster or emergency strikes.  For instance, the 1989 earthquake in the SF Bay Area hit with no warning at all at the height of the rush hour. Mudslides.  Avalanches.  Earthquakes.  Levy breaks.  Tsunamis.  […]

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Daylight Savings Time Checklist

As Preppers we like to think we are prepared for most situations. We have our bug out bags (BOBs) and our everyday carry (EDCs) kit along with food and water supplies all safely stored ready for use should the worst happen. All of these preps will make a survival situation easier to handle and more […]

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Shelter In Place Plan

We all understand the importance of having a bug out bag and plan ready to go should we need to evacuate our home at a moment’s notice. But do we all understand the importance of having a Shelter-In-Place (SIP) plan? Consider that all highways carry trucks transporting deadly chemicals.  So does the railway system.  Is […]

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4 Fundamentals Of An Accurate Shot

When I’m teaching my introductory pistol class, I tell my students to think of shooting a gun as an integrated system.  All parts need to be in sync to work well. As an example, to ride a bike, you must have inflated tires, a good chain, handlebars to steer, and pedals to push.  If any […]

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Emergency Defensive Weapon Fixes

In all of our personal safety classes, we spend a great deal of time discussing and demonstrating the working parts of each defensive tool.   This is an important aspect of self-defense training, as virtually every defensive tool is subject to failure.  Stuff can break! If you don’t understand how it works, you have no chance […]

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Emergency Lighting

As humans, we rely on our sight more than most senses, so the ability to see is vital in a survival situation. No survival kit is complete without emergency lighting of some description. This time around, we’re going to look at battery-powered options.  That usually means some sort of flashlight. We have lots of choices […]

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