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Save A Choking Victim

It honestly surprises me how close people come to death every time they eat something. According to the National Safety Council, 2500 people died from choking in the USA in 2009! The most common cause of an obstruction? Hot dogs. But really, any type of food or object in the mouth can cause a partial […]

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Choosing A Bag To Build Your BOB

Editor’s Note:  Those of you from the SF Bay Area may remember the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991.  It hit fast and hard.  Many people – if not most- got out with little more than the clothes they were wearing.  The same thing happens every year with hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Then there are intentional, […]

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Active Shooters: Bring It To The Bad Guys

I’ve been working on another project that involves educating folks about various dangerous scenarios.  I currently have seven of them – things like date rape, home invasions and stalkers.  I’ve been working on adding an eighth scenario for this project:  Active Shooters. A remorseless, instant gratification mass murderer.  This is important to remember. A part […]

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Bladed Tools For Survival

Bladed tools are helpful in survival situations. There are so many different types that it can get confusing which ones to have and maintain in your kit. A knife of some description is a pretty standard item to be found in any prepper’s BOB (bug out bag). However, once you reach your bug out location, […]

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Top 6 Pistol Shooter Errors

In my years as a pistol instructor, patterns have emerged.  These following six items are the most common pistol shooter errors I see – in new and experienced shooters. In my classes, I stress these 6 items, so when my students get into the range, they have a greater probability of success – and with […]

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Using Stun Guns and Tasers

Recently, I have been doing a fair bit of research into personal protection/safety options when guns are not a legal form of self-defense. As I mentioned in my article about pepper spray – nothing is as important as being aware of your environment and avoiding trouble and dangerous situations as much as possible. However sometimes, […]

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Shooting Drills – Keeping It Fresh

I hate jogging. It is unlikely that there is a sport or activity that I dislike more.  I know it’s good for you, it builds your endurance and you can get that “natural high” from the rush of endorphins your body will produce. I still hate it. You’re on a track or out on a […]

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Defend Against Road Rage

In virtually all of my classes geared towards personal safety, we start off with a question:  What is the best way to survive a disaster?  The answer?  Don’t be there! It might seem like a trite answer, but it is much deeper than you might think.  The underlying philosophy is to have high situational awareness […]

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Skills: Fix A Corroded Flashlight

It has happened to all of us: You grab the flashlight, and it doesn’t work. You open it up to change the batteries and you see that they have a ruined the interior, and you have a corroded flashlight. Into the garbage it goes. Why not try repairing it first? In an emergency situation, you […]

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Pepper Spray Selection and Use

In a world that has many dangers; personal safety can be a big concern for people. In some parts of the world it is not legal to carry self-defence weapons such as guns, knives etc. This can leave people vulnerable to an attack. Before we go any further with this – I want to stress […]

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Ladies: Buy Your Own Guns

It’s happened again. I had another lady take my NRA FIRST Steps Pistol Orientation class wanting to learn how to shoot a gun her husband had purchased.  These guns will be used for personal protection, and left in the house.  They’ll be “nightstand guns” to be used when the husband is not home. To date, […]

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7 Shooting Incident Mistakes

I’m a big adherent to the right to keep and bear arms.  I live that belief every day, without exception.  I believe that armed citizens are the best deterrent to armed bad guys.  It’s simple math:  There are more of us than there are of them. But for us good guys, gun ownership and usage […]

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One-Handed Shooting

One of the most important, yet most commonly over-looked shooting skills is shooting with one hand.  Many people will give it a brief try while at the shooting range.  They’ll generally stop their practice shortly thereafter once they see how their accuracy is MUCH less than when using two hands. THAT’S the idea of practice!  […]

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