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Bitcoin For Prepping

Privacy is a big consideration that most preppers have when going about their prepping tasks. An example would be:  All well and good – you’ve made sure you have everything you need when the SHTF. But if your privacy has been breached – everyone on your street knows about your supplies – then they will […]

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DIY Faraday Cage

As Preppers we like to think that we are pretty well prepared for most eventualities. One event that can seem daunting to prepare for is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event. If this type of event occurs, the vast majority of our electronic devices would be wiped out and we would lose much of our ability […]

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5 Ways To Protect Your Privacy

There are some things that we want to keep secret. Honestly, what we do in private isn’t the business of anyone else. (See Editors Note at the end). In a world that is full of technology where we spend so much time online it is getting easier and easier for criminals to access our personal […]

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6 Ways To Protect Paper Documents

During an emergency situation, there will be various documents and paperwork we will need to protect to ensure they are usable for as long as they are needed. From a map to photocopies of our passports, to copies of our driver’s license to allow us to return home after severe weather events, any form of […]

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Protecting Valuable Records

In our society, without adequate records, you can be seriously hindered in your efforts to move forward – maintaining your personal independence – after an emergency event. Try selling a car without its pink slip. Try getting your life-saving medications without a prescription. Try withdrawing money from your bank without your bank card or driver’s […]

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Hidden Cache Locations

About a month ago, we provided instruction on Building A Cache (pronounced cash, not cash-ay).  This time around, we’re going to discuss where to place that cache.  I’ve got two general categories:  Locations for cash and precious metals, and locations for survival gear items. For survival gear, I’m talking about food, equipment, firearms, ammo, reference […]

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building a cache

Building A Cache

What is caching?  In short, it is taking something you value, or something you think you will need in the future, protecting it from the elements, and hiding it. You may want to have a cache (pronounced cash, not cash-ay) filled with food and water along a route you may be traveling in the future.  […]

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must have records

Must-Have Records After TSHTF

Our lives are increasingly dependent upon data and records. Most of the time, these records are used for some sort of identification or authentication, or as proof of ownership/past payment.  It is incredible how much “permission” we are required to get to live our lives. This can be even more important for Baby Boomers, as […]

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