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Protecting Against Asset Seizures

There’s an uproar in the media about asset seizures and the seemingly, “We don’t care,” attitude by various government agencies. I started in banking back in 1977 while attending college.  I eventually moved up the ladder and was put in charge of a department that received all of the subpoena requests from the various local, […]

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Precious Metals Scams

Editor Note:  One of the reasons I don’t disclose the name and address of my precious metal business on this site is that it’s a totally separate business, and I don’t want to appear to be steering you to my shop, ala, “My store is better, come and buy from me.”  BoomerPreps, however, does sell, […]

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Getting Your Money To Work For You

To earn money with money, you must place that money at risk. When I talk about earning money, I am talking about increasing your purchasing power. This is an important concept to understand. For instance, a bank earns money by lending.  They determine the likelihood of getting paid back by a borrower, and assigning a […]

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Real Estate: Make Money When Gas Goes Up?

While the mainstream media gives us conflicting opinions about whether we are experiencing inflation, common sense tells us our dollar is losing value at a rapid pace. Long time newsletter readers know I write about inflation a lot because it is the most important yet misunderstood economic concept in our society. Since the dawn of […]

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Hidden Cache Locations

About a month ago, we provided instruction on Building A Cache (pronounced cash, not cash-ay).  This time around, we’re going to discuss where to place that cache.  I’ve got two general categories:  Locations for cash and precious metals, and locations for survival gear items. For survival gear, I’m talking about food, equipment, firearms, ammo, reference […]

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Gold and Silver: When You’ll Be Reported

One of the primary reasons people buy precious metals is for privacy.  You buy with cash, sell for cash, and no one knows what you own.  If “they” don’t know you own it, “they” can’t take it or tax it. In my precious metals business, when I’m buying gold and silver bullion from a customer, […]

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Prepping For The “Big Picture”

One of the great things about being a Baby Boomer is that we’ve seen a lot of history – at least a half century worth.  Most of us have read a fair bit as well.  We see too many similarities in current events happening in our country with things that have happened in the past. […]

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Selling Your Scrap Jewelry

Many Baby Boomers have accumulated a good amount of jewelry over the years.  Many times, that jewelry has not been worn for years and may not have any special sentimental value.  They decide to gather up the old and broken bits of scrap jewelry they’ve got, and turn it into some cash. We’ve all seen the […]

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Prepping Now For After The Shooting

There is a ton of information – lots of it right here on – on how to prepare yourself for using a gun for self-defense. Tactics, weapons, training. But there is very little information on what you should do after you’ve been placed in the situation of having to shoot someone in defense of […]

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Microphone On Color Background

Biz Interview: Home Inspection

We will periodically share excerpts from interviews conducted as part of our Premium Membership’s, BoomerPreps Interview Series. The intent of these interviews is to give Baby Boomers some insights from others who have had similar triumphs or hit similar,”bumps in the road”.  They may have a particular set of skills or experiences that would be […]

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seven traits of the rich

Wanna Get Rich? Adopt These 7 Traits

Lots of Baby Boomers are considering “second life” careers – either through choice or necessity.   How many of these traits do you really possess? Wanna get rich?  Stupid rich? It can still be done, but it take a lot of work.  A great way to get moving in the right direction is to see what […]

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barter better

Barter Better

Different Baby Boomers and other preppers have different beliefs as to the depth and breadth of the event which causes their plan to be implemented. Some believe the event will be no more than a “personal recession” – a job loss, perhaps. Others think it could escalate to a national or worldwide depression. We could […]

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A Game of Financial Jenga

An interesting development in international banking is in the works.  This isn’t going to immediately tip over the US economy and financial system.  But it’s definitely another Jenga block being removed from our financial foundation. First, some background:  The BRICS Nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) have been getting together for the past few years with […]

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Gift Cards

Big Bucks Savings With Gift Cards

We ALL like money.  Making it and saving it. Many Boomers are on a fixed budget that consists of bank savings, maybe a retirement account or IRA, and Social Security.  If you’re no longer working, but still need to purchase prepper gear, every dollar saved really counts. Anyone – Boomers included – that are still […]

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