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Battle Back: Fighting Dementia

We all have our own fears about growing older.  We Baby Boomers are an independent lot, and we want to stay that way. For some of us, it’s the idea of being immobile.  Not being able to do all of the physical activities we’re used to doing.  It may be walking and hiking, gardening, skydiving […]

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Doctor You: Broken Ankle

Imagine you are bugging out following a catastrophic event. You are following your perfectly laid plans and you and your group are heading to your ready stocked and secure bug out location. You are still a few hours traveling time away when one of your group suffers a major lower body injury. They are in […]

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Save A Choking Victim

It honestly surprises me how close people come to death every time they eat something. According to the National Safety Council, 2500 people died from choking in the USA in 2009! The most common cause of an obstruction? Hot dogs. But really, any type of food or object in the mouth can cause a partial […]

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How To: Emergency Tourniquet

In a survival situation you are going to have to make decisions quickly. This is particularly true when it comes to first aid treatment. A major cut to an artery or other major blood vessel can cause a life threatening bleed. You will need to react quickly and effectively to this situation in order to […]

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The Science Behind Home Canning

I recently had a co-worker ask about some home-canned bone broth I’d made up.  I figure I’d share the science behind why some foods need to be pressure canned, and why others can be water bath canned. In a word:  Botulism. Just so there’s no confusion, the botulism we’re discussing has two phases, so to […]

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Emergency Dental First Aid Kit

As Preppers, we like to think that we are prepared for most situations should the SHTF. With our bug out bags, food caches and emergency medical supplies, it is easy to start feeling reasonably confident in our ability to survive. However, it is easy to overlook the little things that can have a big impact […]

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Emergency CPR

Here’s the scenario: You are at your local grocery store. You have gotten everything that you need and are standing in the line to the checker. You notice that the line is unusually long and that you are probably going to be here for a while. The next think you know, you hear a “thud” […]

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Prepping With Children

Prepping can provide us with many challenges – from finding suitable storage locations to selecting the right type of bug out bag. When you have young children in your family (under 7 years old) additional challenges are created. Can you imagine a young child sitting in your bug out vehicle for hours or even days […]

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