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Skype and Emergency Communications

I recently had some family members travel to Peru for a medical mission.  They would be gone for a couple of weeks. Before leaving for the trip, I wanted to figure out how we were going to communicate. They’re several thousand miles away and my Papa Bear instincts were on full alert. Great time to […]

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DIY Faraday Cage

As Preppers we like to think that we are pretty well prepared for most eventualities. One event that can seem daunting to prepare for is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event. If this type of event occurs, the vast majority of our electronic devices would be wiped out and we would lose much of our ability […]

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5 Ways To Protect Your Privacy

There are some things that we want to keep secret. Honestly, what we do in private isn’t the business of anyone else. (See Editors Note at the end). In a world that is full of technology where we spend so much time online it is getting easier and easier for criminals to access our personal […]

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Communications: Firechat and China

Governments in trouble like to keep a lid on things. They know that if people have the ability to communicate, the people may organize – against the government.  So they clamp down. Historically, that was done via the post office to newspapers and letters – the Internet and email of the day.  It even happened […]

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6 Ways To Protect Paper Documents

During an emergency situation, there will be various documents and paperwork we will need to protect to ensure they are usable for as long as they are needed. From a map to photocopies of our passports, to copies of our driver’s license to allow us to return home after severe weather events, any form of […]

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Emergency Radio Choices

Most people just don’t understand how important having access to an emergency radio can be when the unforeseeable happens. When some disaster, catastrophe or other event wipes out the power and many of the other methods we use to stay in touch with one another, having access to a portable emergency radio can be a […]

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3 Must-Have Comms

Perhaps my greatest fear in the event of some sort of natural or man-made disaster is the inability to communicate with my family. My precious metals store is 55 miles from my home.  Same for the gun range where I teach. My wife is closer to home, perhaps 15 miles. One son lives 15 miles […]

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Covert Communications

If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably growing increasingly troubled by the growing culture of observation that we live in today. It may not look exactly like George Orwell’s 1984 out there, but it’s certainly starting to feel like it. I guess that it’s to be expected. With every new piece of technological equipment […]

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Old School Communications

For as long as people have been on this Earth, they’ve been devising various methods of communication. Even in ancient times, people were able to communicate with one another across great distances by employing some of these methods. While technology has certainly changed things, especially in recent times, making long-distance communication as easy as the […]

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eye through keyhole

Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy.  It’s one of those weird things. It’s a core component to true independence, yet so many people are willing to toss it aside. If you act to protect your privacy, you’re assumed to be hiding something. If you’re hiding something, you’re assumed to be doing something illegal.  It’s the whole, “If you’ve done nothing […]

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Monitoring Emergency Communications

In the middle of any kind of emergency or disaster, keeping in touch with “the outside world” – anything outside of your home – can literally mean the difference between life and death.  Communications devices can be the key to your survival. Most people have some sort of battery-powered radio in their homes. People who […]

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