Boomer Brain Trust

The biographies of the good folks working to keep all of us informed and independent.

chief instructor

Chief Instructor - He's been involved in emergency preparedness and disaster recovery for more than three decades. A former bank executive, he's now an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, owner of a preparedness and self-defense company, and a partner in a precious metals store. He's been homebrewing beer and other fermentables since 1980, and is an avid home canner, sausage maker, reloader and meat smoker.  Fishes when he can, and has more  unfilled hunting tags than he'd like to admit.  Free time always seems to be an issue! He's been married to the same wonderful woman for 30 years, and they have two grown sons.

Sylvia - She's been kind of a "fitness nut" her whole life.  Good, healthy food, regular exercise and a "healthy" dose of meditation.  A balanced approach to life is her goal.

She's been involved with the health and fitness industry for nearly 15 years - from yoga to strength and endurance training.  Healthy foods and eating have been a natural match with her philosophy on life.

In her spare time, she and her husband of 9 years - Samuel - fish, hike and love camping in the great outdoors.

The wise one

Wise One - He has been prepping since before prepping was cool! He believes that prepping is nothing more than a life insurance policy - you hope you never need to use it, but are glad you have it when things go sideways.

His spouse of 20-something years is not as sold on the idea of prepping as he is, so much of what he writes contains tidbits of wisdom on how to convince others that prepping is the way to go - especially for those of us on fixed budgets and limited resources.

Since he wouldn't submit a picture for us, we chose this for him.  Seems to fit!


Rob Harvey - Fitness has been both a love and a career for Rob over the last 7 years.

Being prepared is now the goal. He is an experienced first aider, lifeguard, a CPR and Defibrillator Instructor as well as a Pet First Aider too.

According to Rob, his long term girlfriend is more of a princess than a prepper and often describes him as a caveman!

He loves being outdoors, particularly with their two little dogs and can think of no better feeling than a walk in the rain after a hard days' work.