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Warnings When Buying Survival Food

I’m obviously a big believer in preparedness.  I try to cover all of the 12 topics we cover here at BoomerPreps – Money, Food, Water, Safety, Utilities, Environmental Toxins, Shelter, Communications, Health/Medical, Mental Health, Restricted Travel and Records. Too many folks that are new to the preparedness mindset think that all they need to do […]

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Vehicle Gun Storage

One of my greatest concerns is the security of my guns in whatever vehicle I’m in.  Or out of. Actually, I’d have to say I’m more concerned about the guns when I’m out of the vehicle, since I can’t personally protect them.  While being the victim of a theft or robbery is horrible, the thought […]

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Egg Pucks – Long-Term Egg Storage

A buddy of mine recently gave me some eggs from his VERY prolific layers. And then he gave me some more.  And some more. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted them all.  The problem, though, was what to do with all of these eggs? These eggs are extraordinary.  […]

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DIY Emergency Lighting

We’re in the middle of tornado season right now – from April to July – depending upon where you live in the country.  It will overlap with the hurricane season, which runs from June through November – peaking in August and September. Every winter, some areas of the country are subject to crippling ice storms […]

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Making Cured Sausage

I’ve been making my own sausage for quite a long time now.  Seriously, if you like sausage, consider learning how to make your own. Aside from the cost savings (and skill building), one of the best things is, you know what’s inside the casing.  None of that government regulated approved-rat-turds-per-sausage kind of quality control! There […]

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Making Wheat Gluten “Meat”

A number of years ago, I was having problems milling my whole wheat. I had assumed that the grain mill I use to grind my malted grains for beer (primarily barley) would work for my winter wheat stores. Bad assumption. The grains were too small and too hard for the knurling on the mill wheels […]

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Get Out Of Your Safety Comfort Zone

Back in the early 1970’s, I spent some time on my uncle’s land up in Redding, California.  One of the most memorable things I did was to learn how to drive a car with a clutch. He gave me a 5-minute explanation and demonstration, then tossed me the keys to an old, beat up VW […]

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Skype and Emergency Communications

I recently had some family members travel to Peru for a medical mission.  They would be gone for a couple of weeks. Before leaving for the trip, I wanted to figure out how we were going to communicate. They’re several thousand miles away and my Papa Bear instincts were on full alert. Great time to […]

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DIY Portable Stoves

You folks all have portable stoves in your Bug Out/Get Home Bags, right?  If not, be ready to be stunned. The high tech stoves used by backpackers, hikers and adventurers can cost you a pretty penny.  In addition to the high price, you generally must have special fuel and their accompanying cylinders. Maybe you’ve done […]

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Politics And Your Money

Happy New Year, everyone! The management and their pet goldfish have graciously allowed me to interject a bit of politics into our otherwise “How To” content structure.  It seemed like a good way to kick off the new year.  If it goes over well, maybe they’ll let us do more in the future (let them […]

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Pickling Meat, Veggies and Eggs

Pickling is a great way to store food without the need of refrigeration or sacrificing taste. As you’ll see, you can easily pickle meat, eggs and vegetables for future use. When people think of pickling, they always think of pickled cucumbers. Actually, pickling is the process of anaerobic fermentation. This is a chemical process where […]

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In The Mood For Tamales

For some reason, I got a serious craving for tamales – those magical folded packets of steamed meat and dough that are wrapped up in dried corn husks. I’ve eaten a lot of tamales in my time. They’re like an addictive drug for me – I can’t just take one hit. I consume them to […]

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