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Battle Back: Fighting Dementia

We all have our own fears about growing older.  We Baby Boomers are an independent lot, and we want to stay that way. For some of us, it’s the idea of being immobile.  Not being able to do all of the physical activities we’re used to doing.  It may be walking and hiking, gardening, skydiving […]

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How To Get Rid of 6 Deadly Household Bugs

Sanitation is one of those things folks just don’t want to think about.  We flush the toilet, hit the garbage disposal button, or take the trash to the curb for pick-up and the problem disappears. What would you do if these utilities were suddenly unavailable?  It could be anything from a work strike by utility […]

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Don’t Be A Target Of Opportunity

Violent situations can present themselves virtually anywhere in our lives. They can happen at your home.  At work.  While you’re in the mall.  Or while you’re walking down the street after a dinner in a restaurant. Certain situations present easier targets to assailants.  Criminals look for a “target of opportunity” – they want you in […]

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The Science Behind Home Canning

I recently had a co-worker ask about some home-canned bone broth I’d made up.  I figure I’d share the science behind why some foods need to be pressure canned, and why others can be water bath canned. In a word:  Botulism. Just so there’s no confusion, the botulism we’re discussing has two phases, so to […]

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Dollar Preps

Money, money, money… Regardless of how much happy smoke DC blows up our collective skirts, money is still tight.  We all want to fill our prepping needs as economically as possible.  Now, don’t confuse economically with inexpensively – they don’t always coincide. Cheap garbage is still garbage! Still….. many times, deals can be found which […]

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Homemade Lox

Lox is a beautiful thing. Delicate salmon with a wonderful salty/slightly sweet flavor. And it’s incredibly easy to make yourself. For bonus points, it’s also a great preservation technique. From what I understand, the lox will stay tasty when refrigerated for several weeks. That’s simply urban legend around my house, as it’s never made it […]

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20 Emergency Uses For Garbage Bags

With the onset of winter, many folks will be heading out into nature for recreation.  My husband and I are already planning a number of outings – one in the mountains, and the other in the high desert. Most people will carry some sort of emergency gear in a small backpack or fanny pack just […]

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13 Non-Sweetener Uses For Honey

Honey is a food every prepper should have on hand. Aside from its sweet taste, honey also won’t ever spoil. If it ever crystallizes on you, simply heat the jar in some warm water for a bit, and it will flow smoothly again. Also, if becoming a beekeeper might be of interest to you, the […]

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Venomous Bites In The Fall Season

Although the winter months can provide plenty of challenges for preppers, one of the benefits is that it means snakes and spiders have gone into hibernation, taking their venomous bites with them. This fall and winter, though, most areas have seen their nice weather linger, meaning you may still be at risk for exposure to […]

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5 Medicinal Plants You Should Know

Though most people are used to getting their medicine from a pharmacist or at the local department store, Mother Nature has provided her own versions too. For preppers, homesteaders and survivalists who know where to look, there are incredibly potent medicinal plants all around. Personally, I’ve got a huge interest in natural remedies.  I will […]

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3 Old-School Survival Foods

There’s a misconception out there that survival foods can’t possibly taste good. You’re supposed to be “roughing it” after all. However, pemmican, beef jerky, and fruit leather are all three options that have both stood the test of time and proven this assumption otherwise. These are the old-school survival foods with a modern twist:  We’ll […]

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Making Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most useful and flavorful of all the vinegar varieties. While it is readily available at the grocery store, you can make much better apple cider vinegar right there at home, adjusting the flavor to your personal likes and needs. If you have apple trees on your homestead, making […]

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Raised Garden Beds

As the traditional growing season comes to a close, many are starting their “wintering” plans for their garden beds.  This might be a good time to consider a significant re-design of your garden by using raised garden beds next season. As the name suggests, raised bed gardening is a special type of gardening methodology which […]

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Wind Turbine Generators

The first introduction most of us have to harnessing the power of the wind is through the iconic image of a windmill on a rural property.  Most likely, that wind mill was used to pump water from a well to provide irrigation and drinking water for the farming family. Things have changed! Green living is […]

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