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Bladed Tools For Survival

Bladed tools are helpful in survival situations. There are so many different types that it can get confusing which ones to have and maintain in your kit. A knife of some description is a pretty standard item to be found in any prepper’s BOB (bug out bag). However, once you reach your bug out location, […]

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Thermos Cooking

There are not many feelings I enjoy more than the one I get when I’m cooking a meal over a camp fire. However, sometimes it is not always practical or indeed possible to keep a fire burning. For example, let’s say you are in a Shelter In Place situation after an emergency has occurred in […]

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How To: Emergency Tourniquet

In a survival situation you are going to have to make decisions quickly. This is particularly true when it comes to first aid treatment. A major cut to an artery or other major blood vessel can cause a life threatening bleed. You will need to react quickly and effectively to this situation in order to […]

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Using Stun Guns and Tasers

Recently, I have been doing a fair bit of research into personal protection/safety options when guns are not a legal form of self-defense. As I mentioned in my article about pepper spray – nothing is as important as being aware of your environment and avoiding trouble and dangerous situations as much as possible. However sometimes, […]

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Emergency Dental First Aid Kit

As Preppers, we like to think that we are prepared for most situations should the SHTF. With our bug out bags, food caches and emergency medical supplies, it is easy to start feeling reasonably confident in our ability to survive. However, it is easy to overlook the little things that can have a big impact […]

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Top 10 Household Goods Barter Items

Household Barter Goods Once the SHTF, it is likely that our current currency will become less valuable or maybe even completely worthless. What use is money if there is nothing left to buy? One important part of your prepping should be gathering some supplies for barter – i.e. things you can trade with others to […]

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Skills: Fix A Corroded Flashlight

It has happened to all of us: You grab the flashlight, and it doesn’t work. You open it up to change the batteries and you see that they have a ruined the interior, and you have a corroded flashlight. Into the garbage it goes. Why not try repairing it first? In an emergency situation, you […]

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Pepper Spray Selection and Use

In a world that has many dangers; personal safety can be a big concern for people. In some parts of the world it is not legal to carry self-defence weapons such as guns, knives etc. This can leave people vulnerable to an attack. Before we go any further with this – I want to stress […]

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Bitcoin For Prepping

Privacy is a big consideration that most preppers have when going about their prepping tasks. An example would be:  All well and good – you’ve made sure you have everything you need when the SHTF. But if your privacy has been breached – everyone on your street knows about your supplies – then they will […]

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Survival Fishing

In a past article, I discussed some options (not very nice ones) regarding food sources in nature. These included slugs, snails, snakes and other unappetizing meals. Food can keep your morale up; and in a SHTF situation, good morale can help keep you motivated to survive. If you are lucky enough to have a water […]

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DIY Faraday Cage

As Preppers we like to think that we are pretty well prepared for most eventualities. One event that can seem daunting to prepare for is an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) event. If this type of event occurs, the vast majority of our electronic devices would be wiped out and we would lose much of our ability […]

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Winter Project: DIY Tinder

I am sure we all understand the importance of fire in a survival situation. With winter now upon us, being able to quickly and consistently make a fire in an emergency situation can be a life-saving skill.  One of the keys to starting a fire is having sufficient amounts of tinder.  Without tinder, your chances […]

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Top 10 Bartering Skills

Bartering is one of those things that many people avoid. It seems too confrontational. To the contrary, if it’s looked at as a sport – something fun and goal-oriented – it can be quite enjoyable. And profitable. Once the SHTF in any form – from losing your job to economic collapse – it is likely […]

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