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7 Emergency Household Weapons

Protecting yourself will likely play a fairly substantial part in your survival during and after a major SHTF situation. From looters attacking anyone in their way after earthquakes or floods, to home invasions with strangers taking you hostage. We all need to be able to defend ourselves. And then there’s the “normal” civil unrest we […]

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6 Urban Water Sources During SHTF

The list of scenarios is a long one:  Extended power outages, martial law, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, to name a few.  Your municipal water supply could be cut off. If you live in an urban environment, you are probably only a few minutes away from a store that has an almost limitless supply of fresh […]

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SHTF Shelters

Shelter is the second point in the Survival Rule of 3’s. After air – without which you can only survive three minutes – shelter is the next most important element to increasing your chances of survival. Three hours is the expected amount of time a person can survive in poor conditions without a suitable shelter […]

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Bug Out Location Characteristics

Editor’s Note:  At its core, a Bug Out Location – or BOL – is a safe place where you can thrive.  The “suitability” suggestions Rob presents are excellent guidelines, whether your BOL is for use during an emergency situation, or if you are looking to live a full-time, self-sufficient lifestyle. A major priority after a […]

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Commercial Potable Water Solutions

Potable water is always going to be at the top of your priority list in a survival situation. After air and shelter from the elements, nothing is more important to life than clean, potable water. Drinking straight from a stream, river or lake can spell disaster.  Dysentery and other GI tract ailments can leave you […]

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Doctor You: Broken Ankle

Imagine you are bugging out following a catastrophic event. You are following your perfectly laid plans and you and your group are heading to your ready stocked and secure bug out location. You are still a few hours traveling time away when one of your group suffers a major lower body injury. They are in […]

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7 Bug Out Vehicle Options

For whatever reason, your “personal tripwire” has been tripped, and you need to leave your current location. It may be something sudden, such as a house fire or wild fire, or it may be something more intense, such as an economic calamity or social unrest. Regardless, you feel the need to evacuate or bug-out. If […]

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Spark Catchers: 4 Commercial Tinder Options

We all understand the importance of fire in a survival situation.  Apart from the warmth they provide, you have the ability to cook your food, sanitize your water, and dry wet clothing. Perhaps equally important is the mental health aspect a fire provides.  Few skills are more important than the ability to build a fire […]

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Survival Groups: Disadvantages

Editor’s Note: This is the second of a two-part series on forming or joining Survival Groups in the event of, or in anticipation of an emergency event. You can find the first part here. In a survival situation there are many decisions that need to be made. Probably one of the most important decisions is […]

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Survival Groups: Advantages

Editor’s Note: Being prepared is about considering – and planning for – different scenarios. All may not come to fruition, some may. It’s a bit of a crap shoot. In this two-part series, Rob looks at the two options available should a major event occur. Scenarios we witness even to this day: A collapse of […]

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Choosing A Bag To Build Your BOB

Editor’s Note:  Those of you from the SF Bay Area may remember the Oakland Hills Fire in 1991.  It hit fast and hard.  Many people – if not most- got out with little more than the clothes they were wearing.  The same thing happens every year with hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.  Then there are intentional, […]

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