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5 Ways To Protect Your Privacy

There are some things that we want to keep secret. Honestly, what we do in private isn’t the business of anyone else. (See Editors Note at the end). In a world that is full of technology where we spend so much time online it is getting easier and easier for criminals to access our personal […]

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Protecting Your Privacy

Privacy.  It’s one of those weird things. It’s a core component to true independence, yet so many people are willing to toss it aside. If you act to protect your privacy, you’re assumed to be hiding something. If you’re hiding something, you’re assumed to be doing something illegal.  It’s the whole, “If you’ve done nothing […]

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Privacy Policy

Policies and Procedures Privacy Policy – (Last Updated: August 8, 2014) is serious about protecting your online privacy. This Privacy Statement explains our views and practices concerning privacy, and how they may pertain to you as a user of our website. “You” or “Your” means you as a participant in or as a […]

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More Money: Starting A Business

You may be looking at your personal balance sheet and cash flow statement, and realize you’re running pretty tight with the money.  Really tight.  You might be thinking it is time to look for supplemental income sources by starting a business. Decades ago, when I was just getting my career in banking started, I saw […]

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Bitcoin For Prepping

Privacy is a big consideration that most preppers have when going about their prepping tasks. An example would be:  All well and good – you’ve made sure you have everything you need when the SHTF. But if your privacy has been breached – everyone on your street knows about your supplies – then they will […]

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Politics And Your Money

Happy New Year, everyone! The management and their pet goldfish have graciously allowed me to interject a bit of politics into our otherwise “How To” content structure.  It seemed like a good way to kick off the new year.  If it goes over well, maybe they’ll let us do more in the future (let them […]

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Venomous Bites In The Fall Season

Although the winter months can provide plenty of challenges for preppers, one of the benefits is that it means snakes and spiders have gone into hibernation, taking their venomous bites with them. This fall and winter, though, most areas have seen their nice weather linger, meaning you may still be at risk for exposure to […]

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Protecting Against Asset Seizures

There’s an uproar in the media about asset seizures and the seemingly, “We don’t care,” attitude by various government agencies. I started in banking back in 1977 while attending college.  I eventually moved up the ladder and was put in charge of a department that received all of the subpoena requests from the various local, […]

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Tiny House Movement

When my wife and I first decided to start looking for a homestead, we were thinking pretty conventionally – buy a home somewhere in the rural western United States and enjoy our life together. Then we found the tiny house movement, and things took a very different path. Tiny homes can equal big fun, as […]

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Gold and Silver: When You’ll Be Reported

One of the primary reasons people buy precious metals is for privacy.  You buy with cash, sell for cash, and no one knows what you own.  If “they” don’t know you own it, “they” can’t take it or tax it. In my precious metals business, when I’m buying gold and silver bullion from a customer, […]

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Terms Of Use

Last Update:  April 9, 2015 In using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions: Please carefully review the following basic rules that govern your use of (“the Website” or “the Operator”). Please note that your use of the Website constitutes your unconditional agreement to follow […]

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