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7 Emergency Household Weapons

Protecting yourself will likely play a fairly substantial part in your survival during and after a major SHTF situation. From looters attacking anyone in their way after earthquakes or floods, to home invasions with strangers taking you hostage. We all need to be able to defend ourselves. And then there’s the “normal” civil unrest we […]

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Warnings When Buying Survival Food

I’m obviously a big believer in preparedness.  I try to cover all of the 12 topics we cover here at BoomerPreps – Money, Food, Water, Safety, Utilities, Environmental Toxins, Shelter, Communications, Health/Medical, Mental Health, Restricted Travel and Records. Too many folks that are new to the preparedness mindset think that all they need to do […]

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6 Urban Water Sources During SHTF

The list of scenarios is a long one:  Extended power outages, martial law, terrorist attacks, chemical spills, to name a few.  Your municipal water supply could be cut off. If you live in an urban environment, you are probably only a few minutes away from a store that has an almost limitless supply of fresh […]

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Vehicle Gun Storage

One of my greatest concerns is the security of my guns in whatever vehicle I’m in.  Or out of. Actually, I’d have to say I’m more concerned about the guns when I’m out of the vehicle, since I can’t personally protect them.  While being the victim of a theft or robbery is horrible, the thought […]

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More Money: Starting A Business

You may be looking at your personal balance sheet and cash flow statement, and realize you’re running pretty tight with the money.  Really tight.  You might be thinking it is time to look for supplemental income sources by starting a business. Decades ago, when I was just getting my career in banking started, I saw […]

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SHTF Shelters

Shelter is the second point in the Survival Rule of 3’s. After air – without which you can only survive three minutes – shelter is the next most important element to increasing your chances of survival. Three hours is the expected amount of time a person can survive in poor conditions without a suitable shelter […]

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Buying Odd and Old Gold

You can many times get a break on premiums paid if you purchase uncommon types of gold. So that you can compare “apples to apples,” when buying this stuff, you want to ask for (or better yet, determine for yourself before going shopping) the AGW – the Actual Gold Weight. This tells you how much […]

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Securing Your Self-Defense Weapons

One of the most difficult issues we address in our various Personal Safety workshops is how to correctly store your self-defense weapons.  Regardless of the device, the ultimate objective is to ensure that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to your devices.  Whether the course is on stun guns, pepper spray, Tasers or handguns, the […]

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Bug Out Location Characteristics

Editor’s Note:  At its core, a Bug Out Location – or BOL – is a safe place where you can thrive.  The “suitability” suggestions Rob presents are excellent guidelines, whether your BOL is for use during an emergency situation, or if you are looking to live a full-time, self-sufficient lifestyle. A major priority after a […]

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Guns: Is That Premeditated?

Anyone who owns a gun for self-defense has thought about the repercussions of having to use the gun to protect their life, or the life of another.  I can think of few things that would be more of a emotional jolt than taking the life of another human being. One of the things that would […]

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Egg Pucks – Long-Term Egg Storage

A buddy of mine recently gave me some eggs from his VERY prolific layers. And then he gave me some more.  And some more. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I gladly accepted them all.  The problem, though, was what to do with all of these eggs? These eggs are extraordinary.  […]

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